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  1. mkultra25

    Car Talk

    Here's something I never expected to see offered for sale - an actual TAG/Porsche V6 turbo Formula 1 engine shoehorned into a 930: The combination of these engines and McLaren chassis ruled F1 in the mid-1980s - after some initial teething problems in 1983, they won successive world driving championships from 1984-1986. By way of comparison, here's a very brief video of Niki Lauda at an early test session for the new engine:
  2. One of my favorite areas in Montrose. I lived on Audubon from 1986-1993, which obviously predated the neighborhood's designation as a historic district. The place I lived in was demoed in favor of new construction some years ago (which wasn't as great a loss as you might think, given that it wasn't particularly distinguished either as history or as architecture). Audubon Place Historic District
  3. Thanks for posting this. I had the older (2003) edition, but this one appears to have been substantially expanded with new material.
  4. Direct link: https://www.facebook.com/WestHoustonArchives/posts/2436145833148366?__tn__=K-R
  5. Alternately (and much more recent than the Press piece): https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/article/Breaking-down-the-many-nicknames-of-Houston-s-13354507.php I'm guessing that "Hot Mom Kroger" was an editorially-imposed euphemism, as I can't see the Chron allowing the more well-known acronym.
  6. mkultra25

    3100 Fannin

    I somehow missed the previous posts about this place, but that CultureMap piece certainly makes it sound promising. Any establishment that's named after a Roky Erickson song automatically has some credibility right from the get-go.
  7. I may have mentioned this here before, but several years ago Austin barbecue purveyor Tom Micklethwait made a film documenting his recreation and subsequent consumption of the meal in the photo. Texas Monthly ran an interview with Billy Gibbons discussing the film that also contained some great behind-the-scenes anecdotes of what went into capturing the original gatefold photo: https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/381129/
  8. It's buried in the references in the Wikipedia entry, but I'll just point out this Houston Press piece: https://www.houstonpress.com/news/the-channel-13-exclusive-6567305 As well as this Texas Monthly piece on Clyde Wilson: https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/the-man-who-knows-everything/
  9. Next up: Terror Slides, Phase 2. Also known as "woodchippers".
  10. There would be no question as to whether it counts or not if you posted them in the Car Talk thread (hint, hint).
  11. mkultra25

    Sawyer Yards

    Is that really a thing now? Not being a member of the betatted set, I'm probably out of touch with the related trends, but what comes to mind is a place redolent of beard oil and multi-thousand-dollar Specialized bikes, whose patrons would cringe at the sight of a very different type of bearded dude astride a Harley in search of some ink.
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