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  1. A few years back I was driving down Main toward the Medical Center in a rainstorm. While I was sitting in traffic at a stoplight, a woman pulled up next to me and began gesticulating wildly in my general direction. I was momentarily worried, wondering if my car was on fire or something equally serious, only to discover when I finally rolled my window down to talk to her that the "emergency" she was pointing and waving at was that it was raining, and I didn't have my headlights turned on. I was truly at a loss for words, and didn't think to check for out-of-state plates on her car.
  2. I remember when the Museum District townhouses they designed were going up on Milford/Graustark in the mid-80s. At the time, there was quite a bit of buzz surrounding them.
  3. 2311 Bissonnet was the former site of longtime antiquarian book dealer Detering Book Gallery, before they downsized/relocated and Antica Osteria repurposed the building into a restaurant. Sad to see it go, it was a neat old house that I spent quite a bit of time in when it was still Detering. It had all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies, including a couple of hidden rooms accessible via bookcases that were mounted on hinges.
  4. I have a friend with a longstanding tradition of circumnavigating 610 in its entirety whenever he buys a new car. Perhaps the sportbike crowd could properly inaugurate the new Elysian Viaduct by pulling wheelies across its entire span. In a relatively discreet manner, of course.
  5. AutoWeek ran the same article yesterday. Sucks that Houston is losing an NHRA National event, let alone all of the other events that run there. It's hard to tell if the property owners got an offer they couldn't refuse, or if they just decided that 35 years was a good run and it was time to pack it in. I wonder if anyone else will decide to build another track in the Houston area capable of hosting National events, or if the economics just don't make sense anymore for new venues. NHRA teams have certainly had some sponsorship woes in recent years, and there's the uncertainty surrounding
  6. Their website says John Georgalos owns John's Xpress Lube. Although I still can't remember it, I'm certain that the John of John's Exxon had a different last name. I checked HCAD but it looks like the John's Exxon property was owned by Exxon, so no clues on his name there either.
  7. That is/was the site of the Family Bingo building. Not sure when they closed, but I'm guessing that the pandemic probably had more than a little to do with the closure.
  8. I used to do the same, for the same reason, when I lived nearby. That was when it was still John's Exxon, way before it became Montrose Car Care. Can't remember John's last name now, but he (along with several of his employees) was Greek. It was one of several Greek-owned auto repair places in the area, along with Demo's and Poutous in the Rice Village, both of which are still around.
  9. Be forewarned that this contains a bit of rough language from Yankees fans. Also be forewarned that you may not be able to stop laughing.
  10. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who was focused on the really important issue at hand.
  11. If Trevor Bauer wasn't currently a bit distracted, he'd probably be accusing Altuve of using steroids.
  12. They held the final film screening there several weeks ago (Eagle Pennell's LAST NIGHT AT THE ALAMO, quite an appropriate choice under the circumstances), followed by an open house the following afternoon for anyone who wanted to pay a visit one last time before the process of prepping the building for demolition began. Inside the projection booth, former students, regulars, and other cinephiles had inscribed their memories on the walls.
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