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  1. Chrome: click the "three dots" menu at the upper right corner, then select More tools > Clear browsing data. Make sure "Cached images and files" is selected in the pop-up window that will appear. I believe "Cookies and other site data" may also be selected by default, and if so, you will probably want to de-select that one before proceeding. Firefox: How to clear the Firefox cache I can confirm that the Reply and Quote functions were acting funky (i.e., non-functional) before I cleared my browser cache just now, and after doing so they seem to be back to normal.
  2. Suite 200 is the former America's location. Not sure about Suite 120. At any rate, glad to see this, as our PCP is at Kelsey-Seybold, and it will be nice to have a Kelsey clinic closer than the ones we usually go to (Tanglewood or the main campus on Holcombe).
  3. Interesting. My wife's office is very close by the Galleria, and the last time she was there, her take was that foot traffic was way down. That was several months ago, but I'd assumed that the trend would likely continue into the holiday season given that the virus hasn't exactly disappeared. Guess not.
  4. I suspect that particular analogy may not be operative this year.
  5. I take it you're not a fan of the buffet at Sam's in Fairfield.
  6. In today's America, Eisenhower would have been run out of the Republican party on a rail long before the interstate system got past the blue-sky phase.
  7. Even worse, I've never understood why business professionals on a professional networking site are so eager to put their political beliefs out there and risk alienating potential employers, but judging from casual perusals of LinkedIn recently, there's apparently no shortage of people who are completely fine with doing so, and in quite crude terms to boot. BTW, shooting ranges (at least the better-run ones) aren't necessarily as inherently partisan as you might think if you rarely frequent them. Check out r/liberalgunowners over on Reddit for a refreshing antidote to the commonly-
  8. Austin:East San Jose::Katy:East San Antonio Joe Nick Patoski's book is worth a read: How Austin Got Weird
  9. I like Micro Center, but preferred Fry's as the one on 45 North was more conveniently located for me. Unfortunately, Fry's has been circling the drain for some time now and their in-store inventory is a mere shadow of what it used to be. And the new Micro Center location is even less convenient than the old one was, so more often than not I wind up just going to my preferred online tech retailer (Newegg), unless I need something the same day.
  10. As I don't normally wear a backpack, I've never encountered this before. It was enough of a "wtf" moment that it sent me in search of the rationale behind such policies, at which point I discovered that they are indeed very common and make a lot of sense: In US museums, why are backpacks only allowed to be carried on one shoulder?
  11. Pretty sure the Brookhollow Hilton was located where the Marriott Courtyard is now (at TC Jester and 610). The Sheraton Brookhollow is closer to the nexus of 290 and 610, somewhere between a quarter- and a half-mile away from the Marriott Courtyard.
  12. I believe you're thinking of the Anchorage, which was in the Brookhollow Hilton Inn. I remembered the place immediately, but could not recall the name either, which sent me to Google until I turned up this ad in the July 1974 issue of Texas Monthly.
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