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  1. mkultra25

    Car Talk

    That's depressing. They put the tonneau cover up, but couldn't get a cover for the entire car? Guessing it's owned by someone with more cars than free time.
  2. mkultra25

    Car Talk

    Sweet-looking R32. Judging from the aftermarket intercooler + exhaust and the TX2K window decal, I'd bet it has a twin-turbo-to-single-turbo swap under the hood and at least 500hp.
  3. Looks like they're taking soil samples?
  4. Thumbs up to HISD for repurposing the building as another magnet school and concurrently addressing the Arabic Immersion school's need for more space. I expect that once the rednecks get wind of the move, they'll start referring to it as the "Montrose Madrassa".
  5. mkultra25

    Car Talk

    Not a fan of SUVs in general, but if you gotta have one, you could certainly do worse than a Urus. On the other hand, for the truly deep-pocketed, tuners have been doing some interesting things with Mercedes' G-Wagen in recent years, such as Brabus' 888-HP, twin-turbo V12 G900:
  6. I'd bet Bill Edge could probably shed light on the question of a second location. He has an obit for his father on his website that underscores his longtime connection to Texas A&M, but it is silent as to the restaurant in College Station. There's a link to a contact form on the site but it's a dead end, however, he does provide a phone number. https://billedge.com/gordon-edge-sr/
  7. Who, judging from what's on all the TVs, will frequently use the pickup line "Alors, tu aimes le football américain?"
  8. Yeah, there's definitely a resemblance there. There are some that are more of a true trapezoid (like the new ice house one), with two sides parallel, but many of the old national forest signs are like this one:
  9. Even Tom Waits maintained an air of the disheveled rogue when in a tux.
  10. I'm still somewhat amused that @jmitch94's phone autocorrected "gondola" to "gonadal".
  11. Judging from the address of the Live Oak Grill, this is almost certainly the Hempstead Road Drive-In. Hempstead Road Drive-In Pic of the aftermath of the fire mentioned at the above link at the bottom of the page here: http://www.cinemahouston.info/driveins.shtml
  12. San Francisco is the first place I thought of when this thread appeared. No matter how much of a homelessness issue people may think we have here, we are pretty far removed from needing an app to report excrement on sidewalks.
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