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  1. Not unless Ray and Doug are related to Jesse Miller. From the Miller Theatre website:
  2. The video clip is great, but the backstory behind the weather chicken as related on McGuff's blog is priceless. It probably seems strange to anyone used to local on-air talent being recruited from across the country that someone born and raised in Houston had a long-term position on one of the big three local network affiliates. And it seems even stranger that there are a lot of Houston residents now who probably have no idea who Doug Johnson and Ron Stone were, let alone Larry Rasco.
  3. mkultra25

    How often do you work?

    A while back a palliative nurse compiled a list of the top regrets expressed by the dying patients she'd cared for. At or near the top of the list was having spent too much time working, to the detriment of family life and relationships. No one ever dies thinking "gee, I wish I'd spent more time at the office".
  4. mkultra25

    Memorial Bend MODS to See & Save Oct 29, 2-4

    Wonder if it was flooded during Harvey. I know of at least one other house on Figaro that suffered significant water damage then, and was ultimately demoed as a result.
  5. Given what you've already tried, I'd normally tend to suspect a corrupt browser profile, but if it's happening in three different browsers, that seems unlikely. It could also be a conflict with your antivirus/firewall software, but again, if it's only happening with this specific site, it's somewhat unlikely. You should not be running out of memory in Chrome, but unfortunately most of the recommended fixes for that error involve what you've already done, with the exception of rebuilding your profile. I typically have a ton of tabs open, and rarely encounter any performance issues, even on a 7-year-old desktop with an average-in-its-day AMD CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a fully-patched 64-bit Windows 7 install. Unlike gaming, web browsing is an activity that typically just doesn't require a whole lot of computational horsepower over and above pretty basic specs.
  6. mkultra25

    Any issues

    Much faster, and so far all of the previous issues certainly seem to be fixed now. Guessing that all of the baseball-related calendar entries that showed up as new posts were triggered by the server migration? Not that I'm averse to reliving some of those, at least up until the ALCS.
  7. I ran a test search under Real Property that returned five pages of search results, and was able to navigate to the second page of results with no problems. Also didn't notice any particular sluggishness. This was using the latest version of Chrome. I did notice that typing in a neighborhood description in the description field did not return any results unless I also entered a value for grantor or grantee, then it seemed to work. I'm likewise not too impressed with the changes that were made in comparison to the old site. Given Stan Stanart's less-then-impressive track record when it comes to tech issues, perhaps the site functionality will be revisited once Diane Trautman takes office.
  8. I was just thinking about Kaldi Cafe the other day. It closed not too long after we moved into the area, so we only got to eat there a few times. That section of 19th St. was quite a bit different then compared to now.
  9. I only went to Cafe Artiste a few times, but I was a regular patron of its predecessor at that location, Chicago Pizza Co., when I was in college. Decent pizza, but perhaps of greater importance to college students, regular specials on pitchers of beer. I miss Dolce and Freddo as well. The Kirby location used to be a near-daily destination for me when I worked in the area - when the late-afternoon malaise kicked in, I knew it was time to hop on my motorcycle and head over there for a quick double espresso, returning to the office sufficiently energized to finish the day. I got to know all of the baristas that worked there quite well and occasionally hung out with one of them who also rode a bike. I never knew about the FM1960 location, but they also had another location on Woodway near Voss.
  10. mkultra25

    Memorial & Shepherd: New condo tower, future mixed-use

    Arya Memorial Heights? That's only one minor copyediting slip-up away from a reputation management firm being parachuted in for a social media damage control campaign.
  11. mkultra25

    43 Cedar Lawn Circle in Galveston for Sale.

    According to GCAD it changed hands in 2013 and again in 2016. I think it was a Mod of the Month sometime after the ownership change in 2013, as I drove down to Galveston and toured it then. It looks like a few things have been updated since the current owners bought it. It's a really nice house if you're a fan of the style. If I were independently wealthy I'd be sorely tempted by it, but I have to wonder why it's changed hands so frequently. The current owners must be anxious to unload it if they've reduced the price almost 19% (or their previous asking price was unrealistic to begin with), but when I was there I commented that if the same house were in Houston, it would probably fetch close to twice what it could in Galveston.
  12. San Francisco developer demos 1936 Richard Neutra house after obtaining a permit that only covered a remodel, City Planning Commission orders him to rebuild an exact replica:
  13. mkultra25

    1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    I can't see HISD holding on to the land. It's become too valuable. I think they will sell it, just like they did when they sold the land and facilities of the old High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to St. Thomas High School for $60MM. Of course, that situation was a little different because acquiring that land was critical if STHS wanted to further expand its footprint, so their bid was considerably higher than any of those submitted by the competing bidders. But the land HSPVA sits on should unquestionably fetch a premium, as properties of comparable size just don't become available very often in the heart of Montrose.
  14. mkultra25

    Shepherd 10 Business Park @ 600 N Shepherd Dr

    Love the "BUY" and "NOSH" signs-as-imperatives in the Bldg 4 rendering. If this is an emerging trend for design placeholders, I look forward to "CONSUME" and "OBEY" in future renderings.
  15. mkultra25

    Fitzgerald's to change hands

    I can't say I'll be surprised if it's demoed, but that doesn't make the situation suck any less. The building is 100 years old and has a long history that predates Fitzgerald's. It's too bad that another solution can't be found to repurpose it instead of replacing it. But the time for that would've been before the building was sold to someone who, as Sara points out, paid a lot of money for the land and will be looking for a return on that investment. Kudos to her for cashing out to a comfortable retirement after 42 years - I imagine by the time I'm her age, leaving Houston for Seguin or someplace similar will have likewise begun to seem quite appealing.