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  1. Theaters that primarily show first-run films, i.e., megaplexes and the large chains like AMC and Regal, as opposed to those that show older and classic films (aka "rep houses").
  2. I have often made the argument that everyone in Texas should be bilingual for exactly that reason - Texas was part of Spain and Mexico for longer than it has been part of the United States. And I say that as someone who can get by in Spanish but falls far short of fluency.
  3. Ha! I realized some time after I posted that I should have said FM149 but I was too lazy to go back and edit my post. At least the lunch counter at Yale Pharmacy is still open, even if it has outlived the actual pharmacy portion of the business. I would also add Avalon Drug Store's original location at Kirby and Westheimer to your list. The diner was sold in 1993 and both it and the drugstore moved down the street to the current location before the drugstore portion closed in 2008.
  4. The Dugan's at 249 and 45, I assume. I have fond memories of that lunch counter and soda fountain as well, although I was still very young when they got rid of it. Hard to imagine that such a thing once existed, and was even commonplace in many drugstores, in the current era of cookie-cutter CVS beige boxes.
  5. That would be less than optimal, considering that it's one of the only theaters in town that has (or had, at any rate) the ability to screen 70mm prints. Not that it matters all that much now, as the exhibition industry is practically on life support and the chances of anyone doing a limited 70mm run in a non-repertory setting are probably between slim and none for the foreseeable future.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out if they named it after Larry or Harlan.
  7. I still say we won't have reached "peak mattress" until we get a flagship Mattress Firm store designed in the Miesian style.
  8. Hopefully they've given it a tune-up, because it's gonna get a workout if the boys continue the beatdown they've put on the A's in the first three games of the opening series in Oakland.
  9. Also when Soundwaves used to be there in the 90s (on the end where Half Price Books was), before they relocated to the old Walgreens building at Hawthorne and Montrose.
  10. The best possible outcome for the River Oaks would be for another tenant to continue theatrical film exhibition there. But people aren't exactly lining up to jump into the exhibition industry in the current climate, to put it mildly, and if Landmark couldn't make it work financially, can anyone? It could have been a good fit for an Alamo Drafthouse location, but would have probably required some remodeling to fit their business model, and given their current bankruptcy proceedings and the associated closure of several of their existing locations, any kind of expansion is almost certainly a non
  11. H-E-B and Walgreens are also giving out vaccinations. https://vaccine.heb.com/ https://www.walgreens.com/findcare/vaccination/covid-19
  12. It's even better than that. The website shows plural and not possessive - except at the very top of the page where, in what is presumably an early rendering, the sign contains an apostrophe. Scroll down a bit to an actual picture of the sign, and the apostrophe is gone. https://thehoustonfarmersmarket.com/ The inability to correctly distinguish between the plural and the possessive is one of the great evils of the modern age. I blame the demise of old-school English teachers whose sadistic reputations were built on forcing countless generations of junior-high students to diagram sen
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