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  1. Metered ramps in Houston

    See my post earlier in this thread. I haven't seen cops ticketing people frequently for ignoring the lights, but I've seen it happen on occasion.
  2. Let's talk about Craft Beer in Houston...

    Not about brewpubs per se, but an interesting read covering the early history of the modern beer movement in Houston.
  3. 2404 Austin Street

    And one of the Baptist megachurches could transition to a sex robot brothel of the kind that recently sent our municipal elected officials into a pre-emptive spasm of pearl-clutching. On second thought, Lakewood would work just as well, and have the added benefit of returning the building to something a bit closer to its roots as the Summit.
  4. Minute Maid Park Renovations

    Houston: Bud Adams moves the Oilers to Tennessee, and a lot of people remain fans. Baltimore: Bob Irsay moves the Colts to Indianapolis, and, well, people are still steamed many years after the fact.
  5. Minute Maid Park Renovations

    Is that really a thing? Given how widely despised Bud Adams was for uprooting the Oilers and decamping to Tennessee, I can't imagine any real Houstonian doing anything other than spitting whenever they speak of the Titans.
  6. The Iron Works @ 1414 Bonner Street

    Both of those factors could probably be minimized if this new facility were more like Friends for Life on 22nd (which, granted, is both locally-based and pretty well-funded, and that may or may not be the case with Best Friends). OK, it's a concrete box, but given that limitation they made it look as attractive as they could. I'd be fine with a few more animal shelters and a few less flavor-of-the-moment restaurants and bars, but then again my idea of mixed-use development skews much closer to that of past eras, when the term encompassed light industrial activity, rather than the retail + restaurants + residential formula that most people now take it to mean.
  7. The Iron Works @ 1414 Bonner Street

    Try as I might, I'm having trouble seeing how that could be considered bad news.
  8. In and Out

    I like In-N-Out, but not enough to drive far out of my way to eat there. When they build one inside the loop, I'm sure it'll have a place in my burger joint rotation. And as far as Stafford goes, Tornado Burger has everyone else beat hands down. I haven't worked in the Stafford area in roughly five years and I still miss the Spicy #1.
  9. Harry's Kenya

    The "Like" button appears to work when clicked on, but any "Likes" given to a post are no longer visible to anyone else viewing that post.
  10. Harry's Kenya

    A fine summary, and one that makes me wonder once again if the "like" button is ever going to be fixed here.
  11. Southside Commons 4191 Bellaire Blvd

    I had thought that there were only a couple of old-school bowling alleys remaining in the Houston area after Palace Lanes closed: Del-Mar Lanes on Mangum and Emerald Bowl on Boone Rd. But looking at Yelp, it appears that there are a few diehard AMF establishments out there. And the memorably-named South Belt/Ellington-area Armadilla Lanes II (the first one's still in Pasadena) looks like it would be well worth the trip for those who are interested in such things.
  12. 1818 Washington Ave.

    Can't think of ax[e]-throwing without recalling this great moment in television history:
  13. Northwest Mall

    It closed (except for the Palais Royal and the Antique Center) at the end of March 2017. There are a couple of walk-around videos on Youtube that were taken the last day it was open:
  14. Revival house movie theatres?

    Thanks for posting that. I never knew Al, but was acquainted with his sons, who were classmates when I was in junior high and high school.
  15. spam until page 7 - yikes!

    As I understand it, the person who owned this site and kept it going for most of the last decade is no longer affiliated with it, and has not been for some time since he sold it to a new owner. The various issues that the site is currently experiencing did not manifest themselves until after the ownership change. Draw your own conclusions. There are certainly clues as to the new ownership for those who care to look. I'm not going down that road here as I generally have a strong antipathy for the currently-fashionable trend of social media naming-and-shaming, which IMO too often bears more than a passing resemblance to a toddler who's just discovered he's in possession of the launch keys to an ICBM.