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  1. Any clues as to what part of town the orphanage was in? There were a lot of drive-ins in Houston. There are a couple of sites that have some info on them: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/united-states/texas/houston?status=closed http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/united-states/texas/houston?status=demolished https://www.cinemahouston.info/driveins.shtml
  2. The thought of Fripp doing an in-store seems like an alien concept from the vantage point of the present day, given his well-known aversion to interactions with fans. Although I've heard he is polite and occasionally even engaging with folks who've purchased VIP packages to King Crimson shows, which include a pre-show discussion with a band member. If I'm ever lucky enough to meet him, I'm not sure I could resist the urge to ask him if he's familiar with Harlan Ellison's "Xenogenesis".
  3. mkultra25

    Sawyer Yards

    Houstonia ran a piece on the opening last week: Buffalo Bayou Brewing’s Opening Weekend Is a Hit
  4. Turner would've likely gotten an outright majority if Boykins hadn't run. The fact that the mayoral race now has to be decided in a runoff will significantly increase turnout over what it would have been if the only runoffs had been for downballot races.
  5. We got married at the Majestic Metro downtown. It is certainly unique, but it may not pass the test unless you both happen to be film buffs or like old theaters (also, the interior is not all original as it's been renovated to make it more suitable for hosting events). The Rothko Chapel used to allow weddings, but they had a strict limit on the number of attendees which would be a dealbreaker for many people (it was for us), even if they weren't currently closed until next year due to the ongoing renovations. There have been a few threads about this topic in the past on the Houston subreddit - it would probably be worth your time to do a search over there.
  6. Looks like something in the Pantone 380-390 range, or, in layman's terms, "baby $#!+ green".
  7. Rothko Chapel reopening has been pushed back to mid-2020 in order to add steel rebar reinforcement to the masonry walls: Mid-Construction Discovery Causes Delay, Increases Cost of Rothko Chapel Restoration
  8. (After Game 2) Nats: These guys aren't that great, don't see what the big deal is Stros: Hold my beer
  9. That would indeed be fantastic. I'm not sure what kinds of changes have been made to the building to repurpose it from a performing arts venue since it was the Tower, but hopefully they're not as irreversible as the ones Trader Joe's made when they took over the former Bookstop/Alabama.
  10. That is one of the most Montrose comments ever. I don't remember the name of the video game room, but as I'm sure you recall, the Omni was frequently known/billed as "Joe Star's Omni". "Joe Star" was the pseudonym of Lawrence "Lon" Miles, who passed away earlier this year. Lawrence Miles obituary
  11. Yeah, it's clearly the wrong address and I failed to catch it before posting. The article on the Cinema Treasures page announcing the theater's opening even states that it's across the street from the Shamrock Hotel.
  12. You're probably thinking of the Shamrock 4 (later 6) multiplex, which was located at 6900 Main. Shamrock 4 Cinemas
  13. Ah, Infinite Records. I must've spent the majority of my meager teenage income in that place, and it did indeed always feel like going on a treasure hunt in an old house when you walked up the front steps and in the door. Dave Ritz, who owned Infinite, is still around - he's the guy that puts on the semi-regular Houston Record Convention.
  14. "I'd like your support, but I can't be seen with you in public. I'm sure you understand."
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