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  1. Who wouldn't want to live in the crisp mountain air, in the shadow of the majestic peak of Mount Houston? Why, it's practically "Colorado on the Bayou". After all, it's not like it was the first time a little creative marketing was employed in Houston.
  2. The population of the US is roughly 325,000,000. 2% of that is 6,500,000. I am neither a straight-ticket voter nor a Sandernista, but the fact that this and similar viewpoints appear to have gained traction on social media platforms over the past few days as something to be seriously considered leads me to believe that, if anything, we are long overdue for "social unrest caused by economic issues".
  3. Assuming we're talking about the same place, the AMF North Lanes were at 74 Aldine Bender. The building is still there, but it was gutted after the bowling alley shut down. It was advertised for sale on Loopnet afterward: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/74-Aldine-Bender-Rd-Houston-TX/15355433/ I haven't been by that section of Aldine Bender in a long time, so I'm not sure if the building is occupied now, and if so, by whom.
  4. Not just at CM, they are doing that at other H-E-B stores as well. The Heights store has distance markers both in the checkout lanes as well as in the parking garage where the line to get in forms during peak hours. I haven't had to wait in the access line yet, but even during non-pandemic times I tend to go closer to closing time, when there aren't nearly as many people shopping.
  5. You might try contacting the Texas Cushman Club - they may well have someone with institutional knowledge of past dealers: https://texascushmanclub.com/
  6. In my experience, those kinds of managers almost invariably tend to have other shortcomings as managers. I've likewise worked primarily from home for quite some time, but in the last couple of positions I had where I was going into the office every day, I was fortunate to have superiors for whom where you were physically located while working was far less important than whether you were easily reachable whenever someone needed to speak with you. Of course, this was in an industry where remote working was not only very feasible but also quite common, which is obviously not always the case. I tend to believe that the "all butts in seats" mandate is largely (but not always) a generational thing which will decrease in importance as younger folks grow into positions of seniority. They are more open to flexible/nontraditional working environments like coworking spaces.
  7. There was an older thread here about motorcycle dealers, but I think most/all of the ones that were discussed postdated your 1960-66 timeframe: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/39058-motorcycle-dealers-in-the-houston-area Stubbs opened in 1965 but didn't initially sell Harleys. According to their website, they're the oldest motorcycle dealer in Houston (I assume they mean the oldest one that's still in operation): https://www.stubbshd.com/Dealer-Info/About-Us
  8. True, but unfortunately they tend to be outnumbered here by those who can't. The latter view it as a cost-saving measure, rather than something that requires skill and care to deliver a result that will withstand the local climate.
  9. Heights HEB was still reasonably well-stocked on Wednesday night, the only thing that stuck out was that bananas were completely sold out. OTOH, went to the Kroger on Studemont last night half intending to pick up a couple of things and half curious as to what it would look like. It was seriously picked over, with large sections of certain items (hot dogs, pasta, frozen vegetables, orange juice, bottled water, paper goods) either empty or near-empty.
  10. Didn't realize Pappa Geno's had branched out into multiple locations until checking their website just now. I've only been to the first one on Ella, but they do a very respectable cheesesteak.
  11. Not directly related to the takeover, but there's this: Top HISD administrator on paid leave after FBI, IRS search
  12. It is indeed in that location. I just saw a tweet about the opening earlier today. Wasn't aware it was going to be a poke bowl place but had been wondering when something else would be opening there after signs of another buildout. Hopefully they will have more success than the previous tenants - seems like Mam's lost something when they moved from their original little trailer parked at 20th and Rutland, and La Macro seemed to still be operating out of their truck on the premises, with some sort of licuado/smoothie place utilizing the indoor space.
  13. It’s time for Rice Management Company to get serious about a Community Benefits Agreement Good news: from all indications, it appears that Rice Management Company has gotten serious. Bad news: their idea of what "getting serious" entails probably isn't going to make the author of this article and his cohort very happy.
  14. <raises hand> I've been going there since the mid-80s, when one of the regulars at the Gingerman discovered it and introduced a bunch of other regulars to it. It's been in three different locations during that time, all within a block or so of each other. It was where I took my wife on our first date almost 27 years ago, and it is usually where we have dinner on our anniversary every year. You could say that I'm fond of it.
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