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  1. People have objected to that McDonald's for years. I spent a fair amount of time at St. Luke's thirty-plus years ago when my father had bypass surgery there, and even back then its presence in a hospital seemed somewhat questionable.
  2. So Sonic's getting replaced with a drive-thru salad place? Oh, the humanity!
  3. So is the festival itself for sale, or just the property it's held on? It's not entirely clear from the wording of the ad. Coulam has been putting on the festival for almost fifty years, and I believe he's in his mid-eighties now, so it wouldn't be entirely surprising if he's decided to retire.
  4. The March shipping date is only applicable to Amazon - I suspect they got quite a few orders as soon as people became aware of it, and their available stock got depleted quickly. It should be available from other retailers, and can also be ordered directly from Arcadia Publishing's website: Around Aldine
  5. Likewise. Unfortunately, that particular model is highly sought after by Mold-A-Rama collectors due to its apparent scarcity. Some years ago I thought I'd replace my long-lost one, and figured it would be easy to locate one for cheap on eBay. I was mistaken. I've only seen two there in probably the last ten years, and the last one sold for over $100. You'd think there'd be more of them around, given the thousands of people that passed through that observation deck, but as I recall they weren't exactly inexpensive. At a time when coin-op candy/gum machines were usually a penny, even a quarter had a non-trivial amount of purchasing power, and I think the Mold-A-Rama replicas were closer to a dollar than a quarter.
  6. Different team - I was referring to the 1952 NFL Texans, as opposed to the 1960s AFL team that subsequently became the Chiefs: Dallas Texans (NFL)
  7. Expanded from 4 to 6 screens in 1975, per Cinema Treasures. Ad from 5/23/1975:
  8. Kind of like the trend of using "-rama" as a superlative suffix following the premiere of Cinerama in 1952, the most obvious local example being Sea-Arama. Mad Magazine once did a parody which spoofed the "-rama" mania, and envisioned the logical conclusion as "Ram-A-Rama", but I haven't been able to find a scan of it anywhere online.
  9. That was mentioned in the linked Thresher piece: but the wording is confusing - are they just waiting on the normal permit process? "On hold" is not the way I'd have phrased it, if that's the case.
  10. Ran across a Mold-A-Rama history site containing some scans of an interesting period article about the building when it first opened. For those who aren't aware, the building originally had a coin-operated Mold-A-Rama machine installed on the floor that was publicly accessible as an observation deck, from which you could obtain your own plastic injection-molded replica of the building. Humble Oil Building
  11. Rice Management Company has terminated the leases of popular food carts YoYo's Hotdogs and Oh My Gogi. https://www.ricethresher.org/article/2023/01/rmc-terminates-leases-for-yoyos-oh-my-gogi
  12. Another longtime Montrose institution gone. Can't say that I was ever a regular, but I certainly visited it more than a few times over the years. The first apartment I ever had in Montrose was on Roseland a couple of blocks away from there. I imagine St. Patrick's Day was their biggest sales day of the year - it's unfortunate this happened only two months before St. Pat's. The building looks like a total loss, and even if the owners follow through on their stated intent to rebuild, it won't be the same. That old building had a lot of history in it.
  13. They're still open. They expanded their menu beyond mac, so they're no longer "jus" mac - I think the Heights location (the only one I've ever visited) updated their sign to "Jus' Mac & Wings".
  14. Hopefully you didn't get saddled with one of the ridiculous dealer markups I've been reading about. I've always come down firmly on the Honda side of the Honda-vs-Toyota debate, but I have to admit the GR-badged cars are quite appealing.
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