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  1. They buy their paint at the Glidden store at 1801 Richmond (713-526-3583). The product code is 2210-030005 (Durus Acrylic Flat Intermediate Grey). The formula is: BLK-15P30 YOX-8P8 OXR-2P22 Good luck with your project!
  2. The reporters don't seem to be aware of Antonini's long history as an absentee landlord and the related issues that have arisen in the past. Perhaps they haven't lived here that long, but even a cursory Google search would have revealed plenty of, uh, interesting results, such as: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Landlord-reports-to-prison-2047235.php https://feldman.law/news/city-does-not-owe-antonini/ https://www.houstonpress.com/news/this-blows-6575538 http://swamplot.com/midtowns-redone-central-square-plaza-now-looking-to-lure-tenants-to-its-ground-floor/2018-03-12/
  3. Bill Williams' restaurant was in the 6500 block of Main, which is indeed at Dryden at Main (where the Bioscience Research Collaborative building is located now). I've seen a Bill Williams menu from the 1940s that gives its location as "on South Main, across from Rice Stadium", but that would have been referring to the old Rice stadium, where the track is now, not the current one that was erected in 1950.
  4. I know they were aiming for the midcentury "Googie" look with the signage, but...
  5. Assuming you mean Mary-Ellen Conway, she is (or was) a practicing attorney. She was also involved in a lawsuit about ten years ago with the estate of Ben Taub's nephew Henry J. N. Taub, after contending that she had been married to him. Ex-TV reporter loses bid for piece of Taub estate
  6. I don't get out to the Tel-Wink as often as I'd like to, but it's definitely a four-star destination if you have even a passing interest in old-school diners. My parents used to go there semi-frequently when they lived in the area over sixty years ago.
  7. @editorThis issue is persistent, and I'm also noticing that more often than not, the custom stream is extremely slow to load (both on initial load and when navigating back and forth between it and individual topics/posts).
  8. As an enthusiastic consumer of gin for some years now, I'm with you in terms of having a serious aversion to craft cocktails that attempt to remake gin into something that it's not. Citrusy cologne is not what invigorated the British Empire in subtropical climates. Give me three fingers of Tanqueray in an Old Fashioned glass with ice, a splash or two of tonic, and a wedge of lime, and I'm happy. How hard can it be? Mixology quibbles aside, I haven't been inside C. Baldwin since it was still the Double Tree, but look forward to checking out the renovations.
  9. Baptist hipsters. God help us all.
  10. I hear tell all them books are on teh interwebz now. Bulldoze it!
  11. Dance Town USA? That's the first dance hall on Airline that comes to mind. It's been a bingo hall for quite some time now, but at least the building still stands, unlike Tin Hall and Bill Mraz.
  12. I have a custom stream configured to display new content since my last visit, with the default view set to Condensed rather than Expanded. Starting yesterday (January 1), the view reverted to Expanded, and attempting to switch the Condensed/Expanded toggle back to Condensed has no effect. Anyone else seeing this? FWIW, I noticed the same issue on another forum I frequent that is running Invision, with the exception that I was able to toggle back to a Condensed view there.
  13. Or used treated wood that would have held up better to heat and moisture. There may have been an unwillingness to use wood that had been treated with chemical preservatives, given the nature of the business that built it, but perhaps it could have prevented rot taking hold barely five years after the structure was built. The later changes that were made (bland, industrial paint job and covering up the decking) seemed to be low-effort, ultimately futile attempts to put a band-aid on the decay after maintenance had been deferred for too long.
  14. I could swear there was a thread about this when it first opened, but I can't find it despite trying multiple search strings. Anyway, just noticed yesterday that the parklet on 19th St. has been removed. Can't say I was surprised, as it had gotten increasingly shabby ever since the organic mattress shop it was located in front of had shuttered (they had originally designed, built and maintained it). After the plants died due to neglect, it was probably only a matter of time until the space reverted to a parking spot again. I had forgotten the torrent of hate from the Swamplot commentariat that greeted the parklet's opening back in 2014: Houston’s First Official Parklet Is Now Resting Outside a 19th St. Mattress Store
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