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  1. This has been used as the residence of Rice's president since 2004. Prior to that it had been vacant for 25 years. It was renovated in 2003 before the president moved in, and currently some additional, comparatively minor renovations related to accessibility and sustainability are wrapping up. Rice University Wiess House President’s house construction nears completion
  2. One of my closest friends was half-Cuban (his father was Cuban and his mother was Spanish). When we were in high school we used to occasionally go to Piquet Market to grab a Cubano and a cafecito in the small restaurant area you mention. If memory serves the restaurant area was pretty spartan - just a handful of formica-topped tables adjacent to the main market.
  3. She's a Republican political consultant/PR flack who is currently a staffer in the Texas Senate. So I wouldn't expect her to be favorably inclined toward Hollins, to say the least.
  4. Willy's statue was removed from its central location in the academic quadrangle yesterday as part of the planned redesign of the quad. It was also announced on Monday that the quad will be closed to pedestrian traffic until April due to the construction to implement the redesign. Academic Quad closed Nov. 6, redesign to be completed April 2024
  5. Ha! I do as well. When I was in college my then-girlfriend worked there for a few months, and I'd occasionally have to drop her off or pick her up, so I was probably going there more frequently than most people. But I think of the old rice silos at Studemont and Allen Parkway more often. Photo credit: Larry Harris on Flickr - more here.
  6. Depends on your point of reference, I suppose. While it was certainly nowhere near as well-known or iconic as Fitz's, I'd bet there are plenty of longtime Heights residents who still think of King Biscuit whenever they pass by that building.
  7. Alumni Weekend (homecoming + reunion) was this weekend. I'd bet more than a few former residents of Old Sid experienced cognitive dissonance as they gazed upon that vacant slab.
  8. There should be four, in keeping with the number of presidents on Mt. Rushmore. So who could the fourth be? Maybe Albert Thomas?
  9. Found it: https://digitalcollections.rice.edu/Documents/Detail/brochure-of-the-work-of-wm-ward-watkin-architect/328910?item=328965 Looks like the Woodson's collections are available at https://digitalcollections.rice.edu/ now, but be forewarned the search engine is s-l-o-w. Hopefully this gets fixed as part of the upgrade process, as I never had any performance issues with the old Digital Scholarship Archive.
  10. For Watkin: https://www.amazon.com/William-Ward-Watkin-Rice-Institute/dp/0884150127 https://www.amazon.com/Brochure-Work-Ward-Watkin-Architect/dp/B075DBRZJ5 This is the standard reference on Staub: https://www.amazon.com/Architecture-John-F-Staub-Houston/dp/0292740123 And this one is specific to Staub's country houses: https://www.amazon.com/Country-Houses-Staub-Lindsey-Humanities/dp/1585445959 The Watkin books and the first Staub book are out of print, but used copies can be found relatively easily, and they should be also available at university or public libraries (or via interlibrary loan). The Watkin brochure used to be available in its entirety as a PDF in Rice's Digital Scholarship Archive, but the link is dead now - they appear to be retooling the Archive as the Rice Research Repository, so perhaps things are being moved around. Might be worth contacting someone at the Woodson Research Center and asking about it: https://digitalprojects.rice.edu/wrc/watkin/exhibits/show/watkin/item/1338
  11. postimg.org is gone, but fortunately the Internet Archive has a snapshot of that page/image. Probably worth checking the Wayback Machine whenever you run across any other photos that were hosted by postimg and no longer accessible.
  12. Who could have thought this endorsement was a good idea? The left/progressive defections from Hillary's base in 2016 due to her not being ideologically pure enough to suit them likely cost her the election, and the right's fervid antipathy for her is well-documented, to say the least. SJL is a known quantity, and given that most people have long since formed an opinion of her, I can't see such a lightning-rod endorsement doing her much good.
  13. Because when you need a compelling feature for the grand opening of a multiplex, nothing beats a women-in-prison movie starring Pam Grier. That'll put butts in seats!
  14. I was just telling my wife the other day that the optimum vehicle for Houston freeways is a late 70s/early 80s Toyota Hilux pickup with an M2 mounted in the bed. If it's good enough for Mogadishu, it's good enough for I-45.
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