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  1. Might be time to trade in the SUV for an Amphicar.
  2. I hadn't thought about this in a long time until I happened to drive by it this past weekend. Judging from the exterior, it looks like not much, if anything, has happened since the fire.
  3. Vaping cannabis is almost certainly not as bad as smoking it via "regular" means, as you're not inhaling many of the toxic byproducts generated by combustion. But it's still not great for your lungs. Using any kind of "vape juice" cartridges, whether for cannabinoids or as a nicotine replacement, may very well be a different story. They're new enough to where I don't know that there's enough data yet to get a long-term picture of their overall effect on health, but just from what I've read, I'd be pretty hesitant to subject my respiratory system to the ingredients in many of those cartridges.
  4. On the plus side, I expect all of my upper-body workout needs to be fully addressed. And then some.
  5. "A Trolley Named Desire" just doesn't roll off the tongue with the same gravitas.
  6. Anyone with the temerity to unironically use the term "street tacos" on the menu of a place that charges $16 for guac or $20 for queso deserves to be horsewhipped.
  7. When I think of street tacos, I think small size (4"-5" tortillas), with two tortillas used per taco. The small size makes it easy to eat them on the go, after you've purchased them from a street vendor. The tacos at La Vibra on Yale may or may not be street tacos, depending on the strictness of your definition, and they're definitely not at the lower end of taco pricing, but they are unlike any other taco in Houston and come a lot closer to living up to Torchy's motto "Damn Good" than Torchy's does.
  8. I'm not a matchbook collector, but I'm sure there'd be interest here in seeing these. There have occasionally been pictures of old restaurants posted, but they tend to be scattered across various threads as opposed to centralized in one thread. There's also an ongoing discussion on local restaurants of yore under the thread title "Defunct Houston Restaurants".
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if they rebuild and move across the street. As you point out, they've done it in other locations (the branch on 19th in the Heights comes to mind). Also, the existing building is fairly old and was inherited by Chase when they acquired Washington Mutual - it was a former WaMu branch, and before that it was a Farm & Home Savings branch before that entity was in turn acquired by WaMu. Not exactly sure when the building was constructed, but the Farm & Home Savings branch there dated back to at least the early 1980s, if not earlier.
  10. [envisions @samagon making the sign of the cross as he invokes the Parkers' Trinity] Surface parking as the religion of peace is corroborated by the Bible. Jesus himself drove a Honda, but He didn't like to talk about it much.
  11. They were supposed to start hiring in January, but at the time this piece was published hadn't yet specified a reopening date: Pappas Restaurants to reopen Little Pappas Seafood House
  12. I've seen Rice students refer to the light rail as "the Metro". It makes perfect sense if you consider that this usage is not uncommon in other locales with rail transit, that the people calling it "the Metro" are most likely not from Houston, and that the railcars all bear prominent "Metro" signage, but to native Houstonian ears it still sounds a bit quaint. But what do I know, I still cringe when I hear "the Montrose".
  13. There was a Pancho's at Northtown Plaza (Tidwell & I-45) that had been there for several decades, but it closed within the past couple of years - yet another restaurant that fell victim to the pandemic. I think their business had already fallen off before then, however. I met a friend there for lunch a few months prior to the lockdowns and there were only a handful of tables occupied during what should have been peak business hours for them.
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