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  1. What about Merida? Haven't been there in some time, but most of the folks I know that live in the area used to be more likely to go to Merida than Ninfa's when they were in the mood for Mexican/Tex-Mex.
  2. Create a saved search at eBay and a want at abebooks.com. Occasionally copies pop up at both sites for under $100. The asking prices for currently-available copies are insane.
  3. Yes - 3301 S. Shepherd at Branard. It was mentioned earlier in this thread: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/3925-defunct-houston-restaurants/?do=findComment&comment=368516
  4. Between this, and the other location at White Oak and Houston Ave. that has flooded multiple times, I'm thinking that in hindsight maybe they should've picked another name.
  5. I'm old enough to remember hearing people claim they never wore a seat belt because if they had a collision, it was better to be thrown clear of the vehicle. Assuming they lived long enough to reproduce, their descendants are undoubtedly charter members of the "anti-mask league" now.
  6. Not sure about moving all the tenants, but there has been some previous discussion here about potential redevelopment of the Post Oak Shopping Center:
  7. Westcott Drive Inn? It was located where Canyon Creek is now (6603 Westcott). If that's the one, it was there well past the late 70s - I think it closed only a few years ago.
  8. No apologies necessary. Hell, I'd forgotten I'd previously posted it until Houston19514 pointed it out.
  9. IIRC, Kenny & Ziggy's was planning to move to the Luby's space in Post Oak Plaza. Not sure if this is still the case.
  10. Couldn't agree more. While recognizing that bamboo can be problematic, I was initially disappointed to see they'd removed it for exactly the reasons you cited - the quiet, isolated feeling in that corner was a big part of its appeal. I haven't been by there recently, but judging from the pics you posted earlier the new foliage looks like it will effectively address the concerns I had.
  11. For soup, Tom Ka Gai. For an entree, chicken Gang Ped, chicken Pad Panang, and Pad Woon Sen are all excellent. Gang Ped and Pad Panang are quite spicy, Pad Woon Sen not at all. We usually order a Gang Ped or a Pad Panang and a Pad Woon Sen and split them. It's plenty for two people.
  12. Well, that certainly sucks. I used to eat at their Greens Road location semi-regularly, but after they moved to the East End I only got to go to the new location once.
  13. I hadn't thought of the old "double H" logo in a long time, but I always liked it too. Certainly better than the anodyne Memorial Hermann logo that's currently used. You'd think there would be a history of the various logos used over time somewhere online, but if there is, it seems to be hidden pretty well.
  14. Sadly, they wound up being yet another casualty of Harvey. The organization is still in existence, and I think you can still buy their famous sugo (sauce), but the weekly pasta luncheons are no more.
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