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  1. yes it is. Look at the above photos. Show a street picture, not light rail.
  2. like this? i agree. Where in dallas do you find an urban/skyscraper area with this much traffic like this? i been to dallas several times, i have cousins there. There is absolutly no traffic in the downtown or uptown area. Not like the traffic you see in houston's tmc, uptown and downtown areas. All the activity in Dallas is in the suburbs(boring). You will never see a setting like the picture of the tmc i posted in Dallas. Going down westhimer road in houston is a expereince you can only feel in houston. Dallas has no road like that with that much activity going throught the heart of the city. The only place i expereince traffic in Dallas in in the freeways especially near the suburbs. Face it Dallas is a family freindly suburban city. Show me one picture of heavy traffic in your uptown/downtown area and i might change my mind.
  3. i dont get it? Isnt new york new york because of its ethnic diversity??? Umm i wonder which city has more ethnic diversity in texas?
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