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  1. I have noticed this house over in Park Place before. I always thought it held a lot of potential. I just saw it on HAR, for $57,000. It's a mess, but restored it could be a really nice Arts & Crafts bungalow. The area isn't the best, but it isn't the worst either. It has the old masonry style porch base you sometimes see on homes of that era, and what appears to be the original beadboard in the bath area. the trimwork in the living areas looks good, although the pictures are very limited. For someone starting out this one might have a lot of potential, depending on what all it need
  2. It is still active, but for some reason a new listing: 8106 Glen Valley
  3. I think he is lifting that phrase off an old listing from like 1999 or so. I don't know for certain, but I think at that time the addition down the south side was done, but not the horrible ones across the back. The only place I can figure the original kitchen was located is under the long row of thin square clerestory windows on the front street side. the opposite end of that room is the den with the wall of glass. I think it had a galley style kitchen on the one (east) side, with the dining area at the far end where the doorway to the current kitchen is. Apparently someone decided it wou
  4. The house does not face Santa Elena, it is one house off of it, located at 8106 Glen Valley. Here is the listing: 8106 Glen Valley A historic designation would not be automatic, you would have to apply for one and go through the process. It was originally a two bedroom, with three bedrooms being the norm in the neighborhood. If the condition weren't such an issue I doubt the 2 bedroom situation would be that limiting for the house. Most of the people who buy in that area now are singles or couples. For many the houses are just too big, so this one would make a nice alternative in that re
  5. This one recently came up, one house off of Santa Elena in Glenbrook Valley. Once upon a time it must have been one of the more architecturally interesting mod houses. It has all the good stuff, poured terrazzo flooring, vaulted tongue-in-groove ceilings, walls of glass, clerestory windows, redwood and flagstone accents, cove lighting, et al. Somewhere along the line it met a number of insensitive alterations and general, no, worse than general abuse. Ugly ceramic tile was laid over the terrazzo. The original kitchen was removed and an addition down the south side was added. Hideous leade
  6. If it isn't of interest to you, move on, but then again posting useless snarky comments seems to be about the only thing you are ever interested in.
  7. This one has been extensively renovated, system upgrades as well as cosmetics. It is in a really good section of Glenbrook up next to the bayou. The house has a lot of nice architectural accents, flagstone, mahogany paneling, vaulted ceilings, combined with new updates. HCAD has it at 2700 sq ft which does not appear to include the gameroom addition. When this person bought it I remember seeing an appraisal where it was measured out and was somewhere between 3200 and 3300 sq ft. I am going to have it remeasured by an appraiser to see if we can get a more accurate figure for the sq ft. h
  8. The one on Tartan is on HAR now. 3611 Tartan
  9. Not for that section and that size, I have sold in there as high as the $300k range within the last year.
  10. Certainly the price is negotiable, but high in compared to what? At full list price it is only $67 a foot. Take a $67 a foot price range around a 10 - 15 minute radius of downtown and see how many you find with details like teak paneling and redwood eaves, with some system updates and new flooring, on a 13,000+ sq ft lot.
  11. You can't get a mortgage at Live Oak right now. No one will lend on it due to a few factors such as very low owner occupancy rate. In the current market situation the remaining units will have to be bought all cash. it is a great building. I also think that many of the sales were the "straw buyers." I sold one in there a year ago (a foreclosure) and the brochures were still in the appliances. They were never used. It tends to support the theory of the units being mortgage fraud situation. Eventually it will work itself out, and I would think prices would rise at that point. In the mean
  12. I have some other pictures on this one besides the ones posted on HAR The appliances in this one are original vintage ones in incredibly good shape. Even the cabinetry doesn't show wear. There is a unique triple sink set up and nutone food center also. Behind the main kitchen is a terrazzo floored half bath, laundry area and second "back up" or caterer's kitchen. It has the double sinks, stainless built ins for the wax paper & paper towels, and a full size stove and frig. There is also a good size walk in pantry with 4 built in drawers, shelving of course, and one pegboard wall for h
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