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  1. Does anyone know what they are gonna build next to Embassy Suites? It is kind of empty, or just leave for another development?
  2. I would definetely think commuter rail is and will be benefit the Houston Area if conceived in the next five years or in the future. Anything that helps the public or even ourselves to have more options to go to our destinations such as Galveston Beach, The Medical Center or Uptown is going to not only set our city as a world class city but to have cleaner air and be more environmental friendlier.
  3. Here is my lawn care guy's number. (832) 367 1654 Hope it helps.
  4. Is this true? Can you confirm this?
  5. I think I want to build the stuff, you know I have seen drawing of what I have google 'urban design' and it seems very appealing to me. I am doing the bachelor's program at A&M it's a new major that just started last year.
  6. I am currently a student orf Urban Planning at Texas A&M. The area that most interests me is Urban Design and I would like to know more information about it. What do they exactly do? What are the best schools in Texas? Do you guys have any suggestions. Thank you guys for your time.
  7. Well the guy or girl not sure? lol started this threat and he also said he was involved in the engineering work of this project and that they will build a Cheddar's Restaurant so I believe him and besides I went to ask and since I speak spanish and workers in there did tell me the truth and said it was a Cheddar's (this actually happened early this week.)
  8. cuz GAP=cool, trendy, sophisticated. and cuz we're cool like that! j/k
  9. -GAP -Banana Republic -Ann Taylor -AMC Theater -Pappasitos -Victoria's Secret -Disney Store -Old Navy -Kentucky Fried Chicken -G by Guess These stores give variety for all tastes and incomes=attracting a wide variety of individuals from the Houston Area.
  10. Hey have any of you guys seen the new Houston Pavillions website, it's pretty modern filled with clean lines!!! I am so excited for this project to become real....hopefully it will attract more shopping stores to downtown to make the urban shopping center of Houston.
  11. so what is going to happen to the RAIL ROAD? Do you know that ALL THE SUPPORTERS for this bike n trail will be delaying Houston's future commuter/light rail!! Stop this bike and trail NOW!
  12. what about CHEDDAR'S....it's favoirite place to eat..any info?...thanks
  13. any updates on this?..site plans...website..anything!! Thank you!
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