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  1. Miss Barbara Stanwick was never young.
  2. So, the Texans are thinking people are going to leave the stadium, go in the Astrodome Hotel, buy a beer and go back to the stadium with it? And, the last time I went to the rodeo I had to pay admission to get in. I didn't even think of going to my car where I had a corndog stashed. Their arguments are fishy. It seems to me 'those people' are holding the good citizens of Harris County back from a good deal. Where is Ida Tarbell?
  3. On October 30th that 60-year-old urban forest of healthy live-oak and pine trees that inhabited the former Parkwood site officially bit the dust. The developer saved a few around the edges. Cambridge Street between OST and Holcombe has reopened and construction seems to be progressing on the bayou bridge north of Holcombe. A large concrete structure is well underway at the far northeastern edge of the Baylor property. There seems to be sitework on the large empty lot facing Cambridge one block south of Holcombe, in Devonshire. The foundations for a number of townhouses have been poured a
  4. The restaurant was a Steak n Ale, wasn't it?
  5. The park, southwest corner of S. Main and Holcombe, is, I believe, a Johnson/Burgee design. It was built in a corner of the old Shamrock property where the tennis courts once were. It's very nice but somewhat lost on the edge of the swirling TMC. Did Johnson have a hand in this?
  6. Millenica, would you be in favor of "red-lining" The Tre[y]? I thought it was illegal. That'd sure stop those developers though.
  7. Maybe Miss Charlotte's was the wrong name. Ebenezer's rings a bell. The menu and upstairs part seem right. I'm sure it was on Converse. I also remember the pagan church but it wasn't the place I backed in to or the postman's house with the damnit dolls nailed to the side. The damnit doll house could have been the parsonage, I guess. The two houses looked similar except it seems like the damnit doll house had only one floor.
  8. I remember Miss Charlotte's (a very trendy restaurant for the time, not the gay bar) on Converse St., two blocks east of Montrose between Willard and Welsh, behind Anderson Fair Retail. It opened and closed in 1973. It was just down the street from a house (corner of Welsh and Converse) with damn-it dolls nailed to its side. A postman and his wife lived there and they had naked seances at night. Late one Saturday I backed into a driveway on Willard St. trying to turn around. I hit a huge Bonneville parked face-out in the driveway of this bungalow and put out one of the car's headlight
  9. The building under construction is at the corner of Bertner and the new, unnamed street which parallels OST and connects the new part of Bertner and Cambridge. It looks similar to the twin Red McCombs Early Cancer Detection buildings (uncertain of the exact name) located where Knight Rd and Fannin merge just south of OST--the only exception is that the new building has six floors and the twin buildings have 4. The Menninger Clinic will probably be located in this part of the Med Center or on El Paseo at Cambridge further south, although that site has been mentioned as a future Harris County
  10. [The original name of Bissonnet Street (at least the oldest section near Main) was County Poor Farm Road. It was named that because it led to the County Poor Farm The name was changed in 1919 to memorilize a dead World War I soldier from Houston. Dunlavy Street was also named for a fallen WWI soldier.
  11. Since the old HISD administrative building was leveled, it's one of the few Brutalist-style buildings left. There's another on the corner of Fannin and OST that I would consider Brutalist along with the Kroger on OST at Cambridge. I don't think it's anybody's favorite style but the building on Fannin is comforting somehow.
  12. Here's another thought: Is 'Speedway' part of the name or its designation? Some Old Spanish Trail street signs identify it as "OLD SPANISH Tr' (caps intentional, like FANNIN St., or RICHMOND Ave.) Are there signs that say BUFFALO Spwy.? In Austin, the name of the street is (I think) SPEEDWAY with no designation.
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