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  1. I cannot answer it better than the other gentleman that already did. These lines will run from the termination point of the CBL mall South to CR 59. The city is pushing Office/Professional in that area. G
  2. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/pea...ws/5032052.html
  3. That brings back alot of fond memories. I can remember when 518 was just being cut through and 288 was not even open yet. We used to race our cars fromon 288 from HWY 6 to the new 518 interchange. Up until 1998, we used to hunt rabbit and dove on my site at the cr59/288 location. We used to also hunt the rice feilds in friendswood on fm528 that are now sa jaquin, boca raton, etc. G
  4. If you have not found one yet, Please give me a call at (832) 577-1158. I am an agent in Pearland. George
  5. I would have to second the Elliott's. He is an honest guy from my experience. G
  6. Metro will be submitting another proposal to City Council Monday night for their development. I will post followup information Tuesday morning. G
  7. I would say yes but we never know what goes on behind closed doors. G
  8. I sat in on one of the council meetings regarding this subject and the expansion was not approved to the best of my limited memory. The TCEQ, County officials, etc, can approve any permit they would like, but it is the City that has the final word in what happens withing its boarders (to some extent). A good example of this is that the county does not limit my desire to have an open fire on my property in the county, nor does the TCEQ if I want to doze my trees and burn them. The City, on the other hand, has ordinances that make it illegal for me to do that without a permit - which they wil
  9. That is the temporary place until the main facility gets approved/built. From what I interpreted from the presentation they showed the city of pearland, it seemed to have a bus and train terminal. Light rail has also been talked about in the area. Other developments in the area...Monday, April 2, 2007. Trophy Investments is scheduled to have a joint public hearing to discuss and/or have approved a zoning change to PD from BP-288 for their upcoming project called South Gate Crossing. Letters have been sent to property owners to send their comments and two that I know of are in favor (One wa
  10. I have a friend at work that said he may be able to attend. I also called the city and they said I can buy a the taped session for $1.00 when it comes available. I am not sure how long that will take. G
  11. This weeks worksho agenda item http://cityofpearland.com/vertical/Sites/{...144191E1F8}.PDF I will be out of town at a conference. My apologies in advance for not being able to provide an after meeting report. G
  12. My apologies in advance, if this is inappropriate place for this; but, I am wondering if any of you folks work for a design/build firm and have experience in retail development. If so, please shoot me an e-mail at GeorgeFishman77581@yahoo.com. Thaks, George
  13. Actually, I was stating what one of the council members said and that I agreed in that will probably be what happens. Years back there was a proposal brought to the Houston City Council that wanted to charge non-Houston residents who worked in Houston $1:00 per day(I believe this wat the number) surcharge for the opportunity to work there and live somewhere else. As I remember, another motivator of this idea was to help cover the costs of money leaving the city everyday (the inversed money multiplier), and the ammenities folks used and were not being taxed on as those in the city. I believe
  14. Total in agreement on your comments. In fact, the next election holds two candidates for council. Kevin Cole and Woody Owens and they are unopposed. I personally hope it stays that way because they are both good for the city, even though Kevin is strongly against extending Business Center Dr across my property. G
  15. Yes, I plan on being there tonight and will be happy to post anything of interest. Heck, I am even beating the local papers nowadays. LOL The project update workshop is a regular monthly agenda item and they are very thourough (I just cannot seem to spell this word) on the projects, new and old. They are great sources of information and I highly recommend attending them if you live in the Pearland area. I must disclose, though, that my interest lies in the HWY 288 (mostly) and the hwy 35 Corridors; because I own property off both, and if they are not talking on those subjects I usually do
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