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  1. The financial backers pulled out. The project fell apart.
  2. Some of the tracks are still in place. When the temps are just right you can see them here and there on the old right of ways. But the majority of the tracks have all been torn up. Now many of the right of ways are still in place and some are even hiking and biking trails now. It is fun to walk them. Just be careful a few of the trails go through some pretty rough areas. I have always wondered why the new Metro rail line did not just follow the old Street car right of ways. Woudl have been so much easier and caused a lot less problems.
  3. OH yes there are a lot of things that cannot be explained. My lady and I have had many ourselves in our old house in Beaumont, TX. And I have had a number on my current job that I still cannot explain and the home owners all claim it was paranormal activity. But is is my opinion that the vast majority of the reported activity could be explained away with a little detective work.
  4. And also in many cities you will find the same stories repeated, detail for detail just a new location, names and time periods. Now some stories seem to have some valid truths and personally I have experienced things I cannot explain but the vast majority of stories can be explained away to natural things, and seeing things where there is not due to either wanting to believe, an over active imagination or what ever. No I do not believe them all not even a 1/3 probably less than that but...............
  5. There once was a HUGE fancy one down 45 south and FM 528. they had hydroponic gardens all a bunch of other stuff as well. It was really way ahead of its time when it was opened. I think it is a Burlington coat factory now.
  6. I have often thought the same thing. Where i do believe in ghosts and have seen many strange things in my years it never ceases to amaze me how many of the stories have the same thread to them. And how come we do not see ghosts from the 1600's or even from the 1200's do they lose strength, fade away or what ever. So many questions and no real answers.
  7. Quite a few folks like there now and a few have reported seeing, hearing and witnessing paranormal stuff on a regular basis. Nothing serious but a few things. Sens Road in la Porte is reported to be haunted, Also there is the Black hope neighborhood near Crosby, TX. This haunted neighborhood has been written about in the novel The Black Hope Horror. The neighborhood was constructed over an old slave cemetery. When the subdivision was built, many of the residents were terrorized by the angry spirits that dwelled below. No one had a clue as to what was causing it until a couple started
  8. In the 70's My sister and I use to love going there. The place had such a magical charm to it. Many years later when I joined the military I got to spend some time stationed in various places around Europe and I kept thinking that many of the cities looked so much like Westbury Square. It really hurt my feeling when I finally came back to Houston to find the place pretty much destroyed and what was left in ruins.
  9. I have been wondering the same thing. I was once told that they were sold to a fellow who was going to use them but no one seems to know his name or when he was from.
  10. WOW! I love them I look forward to seeing the book as well one day. Keep up the wonderful work
  11. As an ex-navel submariner I wish I could have seen here but she was a little before my time. Would love to see any pics anyone has of her.
  12. The roof use to leak really bad and many of the vendors use to complain that they had to keep plastic over their tables to keep the merchandise dry on rainy days. It has been closed since "IKE" hit Houston. The roof finally gave way and the whole building is considered unsafe. So far there are no plans to reopen the site.
  13. Isaacson's in Pasadena, TX. I think it use to be on Southmore and then moved to a store front some where on Fairmont next to a Randall's grocery store.
  14. There is a Harris county Cemetary on Oates Rd. just off old HWY 90, that is primarly dedicated to small children and infants. It is more of a charity cemetary. It is kind of off the main rod but a pretty nice place.
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