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  1. Burger Girl is replacing the former Ruby Tuesdays (SH 249). Burger Girl is originally from DALLAS.

    Yes, the reviews I see from Dallas are generally positive, but not particularly overwhelming. Given the recent influx of decent mid-range burger joints (Five Guys, SmashBurger, etc.), it will be interesting to see if there's room for one more, at a location that has proven to be less-than-ideal...

  2. We already have something like this in the area: The Oil Ranch, which I believe is in Waller or Hempstead. Is it still open? I haven't been since I was in junior high school in the early 90s.

    Yes, the Oil Ranch is still going -- we took all of our kids there at various times a few years back...

  3. The Chronicle is reporting that archeologists are working a site off Cypress Creek where they've uncovered an ancient campsite filled with fragments of pottery, tools, arrow heads, etc possibly dating back to 600 AD. More than 1,000 artifacts uncovered thus far within 2 meters of the surface.


    I'm not sure how new this really is. I have a couple of friends who grew up in this area, and they told me years ago about how they used to find points/arrowheads along the creek.

  4. "Within a couple years, the new campus could have an enrollment of 10,000 students."

    All I can visualize is a longer commute to work, tougher drive to stores and schools, and more apartments. What are the positives that might change my mind?

    Well, IMHO -- the commute issue is the same, regardless of who occupies those buildings. And this part of town could definitely benefit from a higher-education presence, particularly the University Center type of facility. That could possibily be leveraged into attracting other employers to the area. Vintage Park and other nearby merchants should certainly see some increase in business.

  5. I remember liking their first iteration here 20 years ago. I believe the location where Sullivan's is on Westheimer was an On the Border. Of course, I was 20 years old then and probably didn't know much better. The fact that I could get a margarita without ID was enough for me. they left this market about 15 years ago and reinvented the concept.

    I haven't been to one since they re-entered the market. Looks like I may have missed my chance...

    I haven't dined at one in many years, but I ate there a couple of times in the D/FW area around 20 years ago, and they WERE pretty decent then. Guess they went downhill with their expansion...

  6. You got the money part right. I don't know so much about time or thought. I really don't see what people are so anxious about. It's just a shopping and business center, no different from the Willowbrook Commons or the newer Willowbrook center where the AMC 24 theater is. The only difference is that it slightly resembles an authentic southern European village.

    I predicted this all two years ago in one of the original threads about this development. I said that all they really needed to build was the HEB store and forget about the Vintage Park, because the HEB would be the only thing that would do well over there, and it looks like I was right.

    I think part of the problem is that the concept doesn't fit the area. For one, the old world style of the center is out of place and doesn't give off an inviting vibe. The other problem is that the area around it was designed for upper middle class neighborhoods with the idea of getting into your car and driving to Willowbrook area or 1960 to go shopping. It doesn't blend into the surroundings well at all. Maybe it makes nice decoration, but I could see most people just driving past it.

    What they should have done with that land was to add more highrise and midrise office buildings like they have on the opposite side of 249. With the rest of the land, they should have made a nice nature park, complete with a futuristic-looking building near the office buildings that serves as a giant "food court" for all the business people working.

    Yes, I think (unfortunately) the developers hit a mini "perfect storm" with Vintage Park:

    1) I agree that they misjudged the market. They originally presented this as a sister to Uptown Park. Sorry, but that doesn't match the market out here. Remember the California Pizza Kitchen on 1960? It was the first store in that chain that they ever closed. Their post-close research showed that a) everyone thought they had a good product, but B) people weren't willing to pay for it. I think an Uptown Park clone would face a similar fate. Yes, they're just across the street from HP, but...engineers don't spend money the same way that accountants and lawyers do.

    2) There is more than enough retail space hitting the market out here, and I'm sure all of it is cheaper than Vintage Park. Granted, Vintage Park is nicer than any of the other spaces available, but...ultimately, folks need to make a profit, and I think the Vintage Park folks have missed the opportunity to price competitively and kill off everyone else, and seem to be getting killed themselves instead.

    3) With us heading into a slight downturn, they hit just a little bit of unfortunate timing.

    4) They have thus far utterly failed in bringing in any magnet stores (other than, arguably, a Starbucks with a drive-thru)

    They may pull this out yet (since I live in the area, I hope they do), but it's going to be a long, uphill battle...

  7. Fortunately, we have good options in the NW area for both public and private schools. My kids have attended elementary school at Cypress Christian School, and we have been very happy there. Our oldest is going into 6th grade, and will be moving into public school. Both have their pluses and minuses. Personally, I think you have to look at each kid, each year, and figure out what the best thing is for them and your family.

  8. I hate to say it, but I don't think the current crop of no-name stores - Cheeburger Cheeburger, Peli Peli, Shogun, etc... is going to draw in too many high profile stores (or too many customers either in the long run...). There is not currently one single "destination" store on the entire tenant list.

    Yeah, I think they're in real trouble. The retail market in the area was competitive enough a few months ago, but with things tightening up even more lately, they have quite a hill to climb. They need to land a big fish...

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