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  1. Oh yeah, I was going on about it in the office how pretentious the spelling was, like "shoppe" and "grille", and then one of my officemates tells me it's the way the guy's name is spelt.... oops... (I must have parsed it as "Goode Company", as in "Keeping you good company" lol)
  2. Yes the house, but not the museum, which was designed by Renzo Piano.
  3. krix

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    so are there any tips on how to best see downtown from the plane. Because so far I haven't been very lucky, only once have I caught a glimpse, and it wasn't that impressive because it was too far away. That's a pity, because I have been far luckier with places like NYC, Chicago, London and Hamburg... (in Asia I usually don't see much either, although I have been lucky with Japanese mountains such as Mt. Fuji and also Sakurajima)....
  4. I'm sorry, I seem to have overlooked the Chapel in your original post But it is a nice building so no harm in having it up here twice... (although my favorite building in Houston still is the Bank of America Building, followed by Pennzoil Place and the Williams Tower...)
  5. Ah yes, he has designed almost all my favorite buildings in Houston .... But you forgot one important work of his though: And he was also such a complex character. On the one hand, in his youth he used to be a Nazi sympathizer who event went to Nazi Germany in the 30s, but after the war he regretted his support and even worked with the Israeli government (if I understand correctly, that had to do with the Bauhaus style, which is very prominent in Tel Aviv). Also, while he is idolized by many, I have also heard the claim that he was not so much a designer than a planner (that his personal work
  6. yes, the ironic thing is that while he was denounced across Western Europe as being too America-friendly (and anti-immigrant, despite being a son of immigrants himself), he also seems to be the candidate with the more proactive approach towards reforming the institutions of the EU. But you're right that one person can only do so much, but what I also meant was that as long as the French and the British haven't decided about their change of leadership, nothing substantial will get done in Europe anyway (Angela Merkel of Germany, for instance, has also been keen on reform, but hasn't been able t
  7. well, but still. This situation with Jordan as a go-between has been going on for quite some time, you know, even going back to the days of ol' King Hussein. So I don't see how it could be a rising star.. Also, there might be a lot of other smaller states that might have gained in importance but that still doesn't make them important on a global scale. On a different note, here's hoping that after the French chose their new president, the change of power will be quick in the UK as well, and the EU can try and revive its stalled constitutional process. If they are able to pull this off, the EU
  8. Hi, a couple of things: 1. it is very hard to quantify something as "influence". That said, it is quite clear that the United States is the dominant hegemon in the world today. Maybe you can throw in the rest of the G-8 members (although, Italy? oh well the problem starts) and the most populous nations that aren't members of the G-8 such as China (also for other obvious reasons), India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan (??).... 2. another problem with this kind of list is the EU. Western Europe (and I say Western Europe since the new member nations do not share this ideal yet) has tried to develop
  9. but not on a tourist visa, I suppose? I mean I know that there are non-resident visitors who put their kids in American schools, that is anybody who is not a Green card holder, for instance in grad school or working for a company. I'd be curious though whether HISD or other school districts in fact verify the immigration status of the children enrolled, I wouldn't think so...
  10. Oh I see, although I guess I will have to see for myself when I get back to Houston... anyways, right now I am in suburban Osaka.
  11. We will not know for sure until the next census whether Baton Rouge and/or Shreveport have surpassed New Orleans in population. But yes a good sign nevertheless. A colleague, a Tulane grad, was talking about finding a job in N.O. for the summer....
  12. yeah that is definitely true, y'all have heard of the VW Beetle once driven by a certain Joseph Ratzinger, then sold to a German Zivi (conscientious objector to military service who has to serve in a so-called civilian substitute service), who didn't know of its previous owner until after the purchase. When Ratzinger became pope, he sold it on ebay for the nicety of 190,000
  13. Yeah I would have liked to go to the AIA meeting, although I don't know of how much interest they would have been to architecturally interested lay people. Anyway, I hear the local chapter published an updated guidebook to San Antonio, which is nice because the old version I was able to purchase on my last visit does not include some of the newer buildings (naturally). Btw, does anyone know of any similar guidebook for Austin, or UT? I wasn't able to find anything like that on my previous visits there.
  14. Thank you! Looks nice, but no Japanese writing (but then in Japan streets have no names, so there wouldn't be street signs to begin with). Since I am in Japan right now, when I get to it, I'll post a picture of a Japanese intersection
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