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  1. All are in mint condition. $6 each. *NEW CDS* Breaking Benjamin
  2. RK Sport ceramic-coated mids and y-pipe. Fel-Pro Header Gasket (NEW) PB Blaster (NEW) Header Collector Gasket (NEW) Flange Gaskets (NEW) Generic Header bolts $300. I want to sell ASAP this week!
  3. http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/255077428.html http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/255075854.html
  4. The Relic needs a pin, and the metal band that connects the two ends of the bands on the Seiko needs to be replaced. $20 - Relic $50 - Seiko
  5. My girlfriend's Mom runs this! She has some really cool stuff.
  6. I would think on a damn architecture forum SOMEONE would be interested in buying this book. Haha.
  7. Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback, 2000) Author: Cassandra Adams, Frank Ching Very good condition.
  8. Bad Boys Bad Boys II Super Troopers Hellboy Independence Day The NBA's 100 Greatest Plays Spiderman Gone in 60 Seconds Not Another Teen Movie Logan's Run Planet of the Apes Reign of Fire Escape from LA The Simpsons Complete First Season - $10
  9. Specifications: LT1, 182K miles, 3.23 rear end, automatic 4L60E, leather seats, power door locks, power windows, AM/FM/CD. Modifications: TransGo shift kit, Magnaflow hi-flow cat, K&N CAI, Borla catback Pros: Since I have owned the car from 12-03, I have beefed up and rebuilt the transmission as of 2004, rebuilt the alternator, replaced the water pump, radiator tank, coolant reservoir, driver
  10. American History Reader - Second Edition $20 Mapping Workbook and Study Guide for World Regional Geography $20 ____________________________________________________________________ All books are $6 shipped, excluding Basic Electricity which is $10 shipped. Basic Electricity (Paperback) by Van Valkenburg ISBN: 0790610418 The Federalist Papers (Mass Market Paperback) by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay ISBN: 0553213407 Into The Labyrinth: The U.S. and The Middle East 1945-1993 (Paperback) by H.W. Brands ISBN: 0070071888 Calculus Demystified : A Self Teaching Guide (Demystified) (Paperback) by Steven G. Krantz ISBN: 0071393080 The Greek Myths: Complete Edition (Paperback) by Robert Graves ISBN: 0140171991 Superstrings: A Theory of Everything? (Canto) (Paperback) by P. C. W. Davies (Editor), Julian R. Brown (Editor) ISBN: 052143775X
  11. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/warwick.jpg The bass is in good condition and everything works well. It will come with a gigbag and practice amp. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/crate.jpg Warwick Corvette Standard 5 (Natural) CONSTRUCTION/SCALE: Bolt-On Neck BODY: Bubinga NECK/FINGERBOARD: Ovangkol/Wenge FRETS: 24 Jumbo Bell Brass PICKUPS: 2 MEC Active J/J ans MEC Active 2 way ELECTRONICS: 1 Volume and 2 Tone Knobs BRIDGE: 2-Piece Warwick Bridge TUNERS: Warwick Bass Machine Heads HARDWARE: Chrome COLOR: Natural
  12. http://www.petitiononline.com/sg1onfox/petition.html Sci-Fi canceled SG-1.
  13. AM/FM/Cassette, Leather seats, PW/PDL/PS, Driver and Passenger Side Airbag, Cruise control, Automatic, etc. The car has three small dents, as you can see from the pictures, and only needs struts. $3000 OBO. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/ms1.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/ms2.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/ms3.jpg
  14. Oh, yeah. Do you or they have any demos or anything?
  15. Make an offer 165 T.C.G. 1972 John Unitas - Fair Condition on three corners of card 6034 of 10000 Sports Edition 1992 Michael Jordan Baseball - Good condition MJ 5 Upper Deck 1993 Michael Jordan "Mr. June" - Near excellent condition MJ 3 Upper Deck 1993 Michael Jordan "Mr. June" - Near excellent condition 45 Fleer 1991 Derek Harper Signed Card - Excellent condition 275 Upper Deck 1994 Kenny Smith Signed Card - Excellent condition 271 '92-93 Fleer Ultra Rookie Robert Horry Signed Card - Excellent condition
  16. I had a list of all the cards' numbers and what not, but I lost it and don't want to make another one. All of these are in pretty much good condition. The total list price value is a little over $100. I'll take $50. Thanks. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/1.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/2.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/3.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/4.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/5.jpg
  17. Sorry. I'll get you one right now. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/crate.jpg
  18. It's in excellent conditon and works great. I prefer to meet someone in the Houston area. Thanks. http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/crate.jpg
  19. FS: LT1 RK Sport Mid-Length Ceramic-Coated Headers, Y-pipe(accessories), motor mounts http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes/cars/headers.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes...accessories.jpg http://www.after-image.net/pics/wes...motormounts.jpg There are two small dents in the y-pipe - nothing catastrophic - and a little bit of surface rust, too. I bought these from someone else and never put them on my car. I will include all the of required installation components, headers, and y-pipe for $400 OBO. I only want to meet someone in the Houston area. Thanks. The brand new motor mounts I will sell for $55.
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