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  1. The Nissan GT-R is a full-fledged supercar at a "regular guy" price.

    Top Gear had a go with it a couple of times in recently, and it's a charmer of a car. The price above is MSRP, which is good considering how rare this car is. If the economy wasn't hurting so much, it would be going for way above MSRP with a waiting list a year long.

    torrent download:



    $80K is not a "regular guy" price.

  2. Not me. I bought a Vaio desktop and the motherboard crapped out in 5 months. Sony said they would replace it under warranty, but it would take them 2 months to get the part. I had to delicate flower very loudly to get it the MB in 2 weeks, and ever since then none of the Vaio-specific software would work. Then I decided to upgrade the video card and found the power supply was too weak to handle any gaming video cards. When I tried to replace the power supply I found the case had a proprietary form factor. So now I have a Vaio motherboard that Vaio software doesn't recognize mounted in an Antec case with an Antec power supply and a BFG video card. I'll never buy a Sony computer again.


    Sounds like that MB was a lemon.

  3. I wish that Sony would do traditional desktops again.

    I bought and am still using almost the same spec'd Vaio your are selling, only difference is I have since doubled the RAM, added a 250 GB drive, and a DVD burner.

    I got mine back in August 2003 for $1000 even at Best Buy.

    Vaio's last forever, and I have never had issues with mine going on 5 years now, I am just waiting the the next major Mac Pro refresh and then I am going to do the same and CL mine.

    It's good price man, should sell quickly.

    Cool. Yeah, it's really been a solid computer since I bought it in 2004. I paid $1000 too at Wal-Mart. I think the monitor is starting to crap out at the very top of the screen, though.

  4. $250.

    Sony 15" LCD Flat Panel Display (some dead pixels at the very top edge of the monitor)

    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2

    Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.40B GHz

    80 GB Hard Drive

    760 MB RAM PC-2100 DDR



    Intel Extreme Graphics 845GV

    Four USB 2.0 ports

    i.Link (IEEE1394) digital interface

    Network Card BRAND NEW



  5. Is that a Civic?

    That's an insult. It's a '98 Trans Am.

    Another reputable shop in town quoted me $350. I'm going that route. I knew the first shop was just pretty pricey.

    The obvious damage was by a juvenile driver with no license, no insurance, skipping school, hitting and running from my car. I called the cops, he was arrested.

  6. I forget which side of town you are on Warwick. If you are in Katy, I recommend S&T auto body.

    I will also tell you that Colors on Parade is mobile and very good at minor damage as long as it isn't on the hood or trunk of your car. Why ? I don't know WHY, they just can't do hoods and trunks well, I think it has something to do with the way the paint lays out for them.

    Oh, sorry. I'm in Pearland. I got a quote from International Paint and Body. They're expensive but do good work. I'd like a lower price.

  7. Pictures will be coming this weekend, unless requested sooner.

    This Ford Explorer Limited is in EXCELLENT condition and is FULLY LOADED with leather seats. It has only 93K miles and runs great.

    For more information, PM me for contact information. Thanks.

  8. Just some info for you SMOF4673 - U.S. MODEL 1911A1 .45 ACP BY Ithaca Manufactured in 1943 Is a classic John M. Browning design which served reliably in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and even today the Marine special Ops units have chosen to use a specially upgraded version of this old war horse. Ithaca manufactured 1911A1 pistols are getting hard to find in any condition. When World War II broke out the military knew that the Colt could not meet the demand for the Model 1911A1 so the Ordnance Department contracted with four other manufacturers to make this pistol. The four were Singer Sewing Machine Company, Remington Rand Typewriter Company, Ithaca Firearms Company, and Union Switch and Signal Company. Of the four Remington Rand made the most, nearly one million. Remington Rand pistols were considered by the military to be built to the tightest tolerances, this is why the Army used their frames to create National Match pistols in the 1960's. However not as rare as some of the others. Nearly all the M1911 pistols we see today are so mixed up and have been through so many overhauls that they have little collector appeal. If you believe this one to be all original and unmessed with, it should have all the following parts which are correct for 1942-1944 Ithaca production:

    [*]Mainspring housing -arched, grooved with 7 ribs.

    [*]Hammer - checkered early Ithaca type 1.

    [*]Slide stop - with serrations Ithaca 1943-1945.

    [*]Barrel - correct High Standard

  9. Hey, guys, I'm not sure if this is allowed here. If it's not, feel free to let me know and delete the thread, mods. Thanks.

    Ithaca .45 automatic handgun. Circa 1942. It still has the Army stamp on it. It's in good condition. I was told it was appraised at $1800. I'll just say $1500 OBO. I'm sure the guy will entertain any reasonable offers.

    Blackpowder rifle. Civil War issue type replica. It's around 20-30 years old.

    PM me if you're interested. I'm posting this for my Dad's friend. I'm sure he can make a deal for the gun(s).

  10. I did notice that. Big difference is right, but I know you'll agree, still hard to find an original, numbers matching 454 in a Vette. Most of the LS6s were being put into the Chevelle SS's. I think.

    Warwick, have you taken it to Corvettes of Houston. They may be a player on that.

    Yeah, they didn't want to give my Uncle what he wanted for it. I think the manager checked it and even matched the numbers and everything. Did you contact the person you think might be a buyer?

  11. I just saw one of these with the 427, numbers matching, go for $110k at Monterey. I think the miles were only 30k though. I can't see your pics yet, work blockers, but when I get home I will take a look. I may have a real buyer for ya.

    Wow. Yeah, those 427s are pretty valuable.

    Thanks for the help, man.

    TJ also notice it's a LS5 not a LS6, big difference in money. the fives were a little more common than the sixes. That is a very nice Stingray Warwick. Nice to see someone took care of a nice piece like that and it still survives, a lot of the 70's didn't.

    Thanks. Yeah, we just bought this from my Dad's brother. He and my Aunt have had this car for over 20 years.

  12. Looks pretty nice and kudos for not overdoing the remodel job on what is, and should be, a modest home.

    A little landscaping or something that might add some curb appeal (the main area where this house is lacking) would probably pay about 10:1 for a small investment.

    Good luck.

    I'm selling this for a friend. He does great work. Let me know if you know anyone that might be interested. Thanks.

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