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  1. I've lived in Silver Leaf Glen subdivision in SCR (west of Kingsley) for almost 2 years and I have not smelled anything odd.
  2. I certainly hope the expansion plan fails. I live in Silver Leaf Glen in SCR, west of Kingsley. I have not smelled trash odor yet. I've lived here for over a year. I've enjoyed living here as I work in downtown. It's nice to be able to limit the commute time to an hour or less, rountrip.
  3. As of today, when do you think the 288 expansion project will start and finish? A lot of us who travel on 288 daily would like to know. Traffic is getting worse and worse. Hopefully, with the grass median between the inbound and outbound lanes, construction would not take long. It will not become a 10 year expansion project like I-10.
  4. The airport runways are just north (50 ft.?) of the railroad tracks at 90 & Hwy 6. The houses built in Telfair near the intersection will be in the flight path during descent and takeoff. I guess the previous reply was concerned about plane crashes. I'm not sure how that affects the home insurance policy premium. What are the chances? Anyway, I had forgotten about that plane noise. I did indeed hear some when I was living in Chelsea Harbour.
  5. The location is excellent and the community should be very nice. However, beware of train whistles coming from 90 & Hwy 6. It's one of the busiest railroad train crossings in Texas. I used to live in Chelsea Harbour which is about 2 miles from the 90 & Hwy 6. I'm speaking from experience. If you can get used to train noises or the homesites you are interested are far away from the intersection, you should be fine.
  6. If they new subdvisions west of Kingsley are zoned to Willowridge HS, then the builders would have a tough time selling houses. I'm in Silver Leaf Glen which is west of Kingsley. According to the builder and the appraisal letter from Brazoria county, the subdivision is zoned to Alvin ISD.
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