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  1. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/bb/6642774.html
  2. I would say Warren Moon. Earl Campbell did not play long enough with the Oilers to be the greatest player of all time in the organization.
  3. Houston native (Oak Forest) RIP http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nation/6618743.html
  4. No, I did not. Didn't want to disturb the guy...
  5. Yeah I heard last night's concert was great!
  6. I just saw Dave Gahan, singer of Depeche Mode at the Park Shops Downtown buying some Starbucks Coffee around noon time today. Did anybody else see him?
  7. I would agree with you that maybe is in East End or a warehouse around North Main. I am surprised that many developers have not jumped on the Northside of Downtown. There are many abandoned warehouses and empty space where nobody bothers you about parking. But I do see a place like Walter's fitting better in the East End. You have a lot of art gallery's studios and live band venue Super Happy Funland over there on Polk.
  8. Good article on how the yuppie crowd destroyed live music venue history on Washington... http://blogs.chron.com/brokenrecord/2009/08/final_nail_in_the_coffin_for_w.html A continuation of this topic on the author's blog http://blog.jeffbalke.com/2009/08/the-doucheification-of-washington-avenue-soon-complete/
  9. What about any nightlife on Elysian or Hardy from downtown to 610? What about any nightlife on Elysian or Hardy from downtown to 610?
  10. I just hope that this area improves...I live in the Candlelight Oaks neighborhood which is closer to oak forest and Mangum Manor and slowly I am starting to see how young professionals (like me) are discovering all of these neighborhoods...
  11. I've read it somewhere on this forum, but I will agree that maybe Shepherd from 11th on to 610N can also be a good option for the next avenue of trendy lounges bars like on Washington? As of now, there are used car sales lots like there were in Washington. You have three neighborhoods surrounding this area...Timbergrove, Shady Acres and Heights. My second but long shot option as the next "it" place is on the northside Main from UH Downtown all the way to I -45. You have some new development creeping through this area at a very slowly pace since early 2000
  12. What is a good cleaner for a stainless steel refrigerator?
  13. That neighborhood is Glenbrook Valley...the name of the street in Santa Elena. I would check Candlelight Oaks ...very lovely neighborhood!
  14. What are signs that you are about to get lay off ( looking for reasons other than bad economy, company making announcements of "restructuring"...)
  15. What about BURGERS, WINGS and THINGS on Pinemont? Anybody ever gone there?
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