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  1. So many places! Castle Golf and Games was on the west side of the loop between I-10 and 290. The go cart track was just to the north. There was a waterslide hill inside the loop where 290 comes in during, at least, the 80's. The bungee jump tower was inside the loop at Richmond. The original Peppermint Park was on the North loop near TC Jester. It moved to 59 south in the 80's or 90's.
  2. Great pic! That brings back some memories. I agree on the chicken. Barbecue Inn was closer but Windswept was better!
  3. Is Windswept Inn mentioned or does anyone recall it? I think it was on Airline in the Aldine area. It was the late 70's and I was young.
  4. I find it very unlikely that this is the Donnellan crypt. If it ever existed at this location, it most likely was destroyed when the first bridge was built in 1885. Coincidentally, the brickwork of this structure looks to date from that period. The first reason that I doubt this to be the Donnellan vault is it's size. If this structure were built in 1849, it would dwarf most residences of the period. Furthermore, the thickness of the walls (4 bricks=30+ inches) is overkill, to say the least, for a one story burial vault. Based on the thickness, this was most likely the foundation for a bu
  5. Deeded to the State, most likely under eminent domain and probably for I-45 construction.
  6. You're not crazy, at least no more than I am. I remember them as well. By my recollection, they were between 20th and 610, near the old RR tracks. My grandparents used to take my by in the late 70's.
  7. Does anybody REALLY believe that a crypt from 1849 was left in place when the bridge was constructed in 1907? Even if this was not a part of the brewery (which I still believe that it was) every building in this area had a basement that this could have been a part of. The "fact" that a majority was on the downstream edge of the modern bridge is not proof that this was not part of the brewery. The 1907 bridge was built by the brewery and included part of the building. The "balcony" of old Power Tools (I know that I'm dating myself with that!) is part of the brewery and built into the bridge u
  8. You may have to move your decimal point. I doubt that 30 people were living per house in the 1870's.
  9. If you look at the topo maps on historicaerials, the missing roads are on the 1915, 1922 & 1932 maps but are gone by 1946.
  10. It was there into the 80's and I always wondered about it myself. I have no answer for you though! Here's an aerial from 1957: http://www.historicaerials.com/aerials.php?scale=5.31082712400951E-06&lat=29.7643938636902&lon=-95.5386990482226&year=1957
  11. If I remember correctly, the law firm that occupied 917 Franklin did the legal work for Southern Pacific at 915 Franklin. The bridge was built for easier access. I will dig out my files to confirm and elaborate.
  12. Three Sisters - that's the one I could not think of!
  13. There was a Capitol Theatre at 719 Main Street. It opened in 1914 as the Zoe Theatre but changed its name in 1922 to the Capitol. I'm not sure when it closed but it was a retail store for many years (I'm drawing a blank on the name) and there were still architectural elements in the space above the suspended ceiling. I believe that it was in the space now occupied by the club Venue, at the same address.
  14. When did Houston become home to the Space Center? I thought it was in New York. Isn't that why they received a shuttle? Obama said that the decision was not based on politics and he has never lied to us!
  15. I know the name but cannot place the location. Please refresh my memory.
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