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  1. Tommy Thompson with Better Residential Home Inspections was a builder in another life, so he is great with new construction. He will do phase inspections if they are close to his home and I believe he lives just north of Katy. His number is 713-882-7460. If he is not able to do the phase inspections, then call Fox Inspection Group at 713-723-3330. They are a bit more expensive, but will do phase inspections on new construction anywhere. The most important inspections will be the framing inspection and the final.
  2. I can highly recommend Russell Hruska of Intexture Architects. His strong point is contemporary, not traditional, but his designs are good. He is also just a nice guy to work with. His office/home on Southmore is next door to a design/build project of five homes he is currently building.
  3. My last two homes have had Techshield and I don't know why any home in Houston would be built without it. My electric bill is lower than my neighbor's regular roof decked home. You will make back the $1400 and i is better for resale. It just irritates me that all builders do not just put it in the home instead of offering it as an upgrade.
  4. Mark Schatz and Anne Eamon have done some great work on small houses. Their 700 square foot home that they built for themselves was on the AIA Home Tour several years ago and has been featured in Dwell magazine and on HGTV and Fine Living. Their 1200 square foot studio was also on a AIA Home Tour and is built to be a home. They have many other designs they have played around with and we have had discussions on building a small community of these homes. Their firm is m+a architecture studio.
  5. Project has been picked up by Jetall Development. They are moving ahead although it will take a lot of work.
  6. Those folks are long gone. Their home was foreclosed on last year, too.
  7. As a free service, Black's Guide (www.blacksguide.com) is one of the best for office lease space.
  8. Talk to Russell Hruska who owns Intexure Architects. 713-273-6805. His office is located at 1815 Southmore and he built it as a contemporary live/work space. He is also designing and building several homes on the adjoining land. He is a very good contemporary architect. You should also talk to Robert Morris. 713-825-5292. Robert is a design/build guy who also teaches "Green" Architecture at UH. He has plenty of references and homes that he can show you. If you want green and contemporary, he is the way to go.
  9. They closed for Christmas and never reopened. Their sales never increased over what they were getting in the old location, but their rent went up substantially. Overbuilt would be the word. Supposedly two other well known restaurants are looking at the location, but the tab and dealing with the landlord may keep it from happening.
  10. The home is one block off of Taft between Fairview and West Gray. It is a cool house. It was on the AIA Home Tour a couple of years ago.
  11. Craig Stitler, Stitler Design 713-850-7788. He has a lot of experience in Federal and Georgian, as well as the "old styles". If you have been watching "Dancing With the Stars" it was filmed in the ballroom of a home he designed in Stablewood. He is a great guy and very easy to work with.
  12. You asked where the better appreciation would be. Part of getting good appreciation is betting on the come. If you had seen the Rice Military or Midtown areas 10 years ago, you would have run. I remember when you didn't buy in the Heights North of 11th Street. While I was at UH 14 years ago, I lived in a remodeled bungalow in the Camp Logan section of Memorial Park. We rented it for $900 a month because the seller couldn't sell it for $135,000. There are two high $600's townhomes on the same lot now. If you knew what was coming and "bet on the come", you would have done very well. Those three
  13. My wife and I were at the 12 Spot on Saturday with some friends. It has gone downhill. They had a DJ playing techno dance tunes at an annoying level. Couldn't deal and had to leave, leaving the place with a grand total of four patrons at 11:00pm. I remember when the Travis Lofts had their grand opening party and the 12 Spot space was just a wall being held up with poles. The roof was caved in and it was slated for demo. I am glad they saved it. It is a beautiful space.
  14. FYI, Alvin ISD has dropped their tax rate by $.16 from 1.70% to 1.54%. Pearland ISD has dropped their rate by $.13 from 1.7922% to 1.622%. SCR's Homeowner's Association has instituted a recapture fee of $475 on each sales transaction in SCR. Either the Seller, the Buyer, or a combination will have to pay the fee at closing when a home is sold.
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