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  1. Forgive me for reviving this old thread, but I came here seeking the same info. I had a PE tell me my foundation would return to normal with root barriers. Surely it is a common thing here. I'm looking for a reputable company to do the work. I have a couple large live oaks near my foundation that have moved my house in spite of having two sets of piers added by the former owner (on top of piers that were part of the original slab).
  2. That would be $0.1162/kWh That's cheap! IIRC mine was $.148/kWh which would have been $473 for the same amount of power.
  3. 1. About 3,000 sf 2. 3 years old 3. $421 ($0.1485/kWh) 4. Gexa 5. 78-79 degrees We have a radiant barrier on the roof deck, but since the house is 1 1/2 story, there isn't much in the way of attic insulation...and lots of recessed lighting probably does not help. Also - we only have those trailer-park issue paper blinds still, although wood blinds will be coming very shortly. I also have tankless hot water - actually two Takagi TK-1 units. We were told that our master shower would overload a single unit so we got two of them. It turns out one is just fine, so I leave the second turned off.
  4. Coco's has been my favorite Sushi place for years (nevermind the lack of ambience.) I thought they had gone out of business until I found them on b4-u-eat this morning. What luck, finding out instead that they've moved much closer to my neck of the woods! I'll be dining there very soon.
  5. Anyone have any dirt on when Dragon Bowl might open? I can't believe how long that build-out is taking.
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