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  1. Sorry to miss this one due to a last minute change of plans. Life is keeping me busy in way too many areas. See you next time, I hope!
  2. 31st it is! See you then! Yes Crunch..... Still around here. Same old. Only news is that I'm getting out of Pearland & back to Houston in a few weeks!
  3. Would love to attend. It's been a while. I can only make the 31st of the 3 dates proposed
  4. Greetings from Colombia..... Have fun. Will be down here for a couple more weeks, but do miss the good old Haify Hours!
  5. I understand it is Luby's..... A new concept that shares the kitchen with Fuddruckers. http://www.bisnow.com/houston_commercial_real_estate_news_story.php?p=21795
  6. Luby’s is also breaking ground this month on a first new build-hybrid concept in Pearland that will feature a Luby’s and Fuddruckers side by side @ 11023 Shadow Creek Pkwy
  7. It was very busy last night........ Walked in front of it in my way back home from Stadia @ Town Center. The new Dairy Queen should be opening soon. Have you tried the new Japanese place at the Town Center?
  8. I am in Chicago and thinking about LOVETT homes on a Friday night; It SUCKS!. Just ate some deep dish pizza AND saw a guy that BUILDS sand castles even with CRAPPY weather like today. Can't wait to see back some Houston HOUSES.
  9. Cracker Barrel is always packed. I'm sure they would do just fine in that location.
  10. We have one coming in Pearland. 518 just west of 288.
  11. Crunch, Happy B-Day! Hope to make it mañana!

  12. Never tried it....... But wouldn't be surprised since business always seemed slow there.
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