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  1. Sorry to miss this one due to a last minute change of plans. Life is keeping me busy in way too many areas. See you next time, I hope!
  2. 31st it is! See you then! Yes Crunch..... Still around here. Same old. Only news is that I'm getting out of Pearland & back to Houston in a few weeks!
  3. Would love to attend. It's been a while. I can only make the 31st of the 3 dates proposed
  4. Greetings from Colombia..... Have fun. Will be down here for a couple more weeks, but do miss the good old Haify Hours!
  5. I understand it is Luby's..... A new concept that shares the kitchen with Fuddruckers. http://www.bisnow.com/houston_commercial_real_estate_news_story.php?p=21795
  6. Luby’s is also breaking ground this month on a first new build-hybrid concept in Pearland that will feature a Luby’s and Fuddruckers side by side @ 11023 Shadow Creek Pkwy
  7. It was very busy last night........ Walked in front of it in my way back home from Stadia @ Town Center. The new Dairy Queen should be opening soon. Have you tried the new Japanese place at the Town Center?
  8. I am in Chicago and thinking about LOVETT homes on a Friday night; It SUCKS!. Just ate some deep dish pizza AND saw a guy that BUILDS sand castles even with CRAPPY weather like today. Can't wait to see back some Houston HOUSES.
  9. I saw a Lovett today. Lyle Lovett.
  10. Cracker Barrel is always packed. I'm sure they would do just fine in that location.
  11. CHINA (CDC Corporation) - 100%
  12. We have one coming in Pearland. 518 just west of 288.
  13. Crunch, Happy B-Day! Hope to make it mañana!

  14. Never tried it....... But wouldn't be surprised since business always seemed slow there.
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