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  1. Wow, I can't believe this thread is still going. I haven't been on here in a long time. I saw the Chronicle story about the Savoy being rehabbed and decided to come back here to catch up. Anyway, I was curious about pics too. I found a few pics/ videos online and I thought I'd share the links. http://www.thedepartmentstoremuseum.org/2010/05/foley-brothers-dry-goods-co-houston.html A TV commercial for MCM from 1993 Another TV commercial. This one from 1989 with Fame City highlighted.
  2. I changed to blue as I see the red is hard to read -sorry. Do you also remember the huge fireworks show they would put on every year on Flag Day? They shot them off from those office buildings between Blue Willow and the current Beltway. People would park all over that section of Westheimer to watch the amazing show. We always parked near the church with all those bells.
  3. I posted in Red under his quotes.
  4. Just found these links when I googled it. I didn't remember that many fatalities- so sad. http://www.hfrrf.org/admin_History_WestchaseHiltonFire.asp Raw video from that night.http://books.google.com/books?id=4BWyBELDQIwC&pg=PA125&lpg=PA125&dq=westchase+hilton+fire&source=bl&ots=GajxIzaFOc&sig=nmGKlqHF8o591d2clzMf2_faSuw&hl=en&ei=nKqFTPLkEoWClAeE_Ni6Dw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&sqi=2&ved=0CDQQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=westchase%20hilton%20fire&f=false
  5. I lived in Walnut Bend from 74 to 84 as a young girl. I also attended Second Baptist School during this time so I have lots of memories of that area of town. When I went to Second Baptist, we had a carpool one year with a girl whose dad was the manager of that Hilton. I remember seeing their "apartment" that they lived in in the hotel (on the 10th floor I believe) and thinking how cool it was. I do remember the fire a little bit b/c it was during that time. I know for a fact that the hotel didn't burn to the ground, but they did have a decent sized fire that gutted several rooms and did substantial damage. I was just talking to my parents and they remember that several people also died in that fire. This was probably 83 or 84. As far as Carillon, I remember every year that Second Baptist Church would do their human singing Christmas tree outside there at Carillion. There were many neat angles and cut out areas and one was a big circular area that the human Christmas tree fit into perfectly. Does anyone else remember this? As far as shops, my mom said she remembered The Great Caruso and a place called the Hobbit Hole or Hobbit Cafe. My memories are a little later of the Chili's that is still there and when this ice cream store called Cones and Cream opened. It was like a current day Marble Slab and I remember people waiting for what seemed like hours to get ice cream w/ the mix-ins. As for Westchase Mall, I remember that well too. I do remember the Gap as the first store on your right as you left Target. I also remember a beauty salon, eye doctor (still see him today by Whole Foods now), Hallmark type shop, and maybe a pizza place.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone. Unfortuantely, we just found out that family member that was to stay with our kids has an unavoidable conflict so we aren't going. We'll just have to catch them again. I'm curious though - how is it as a concert venue? I've read some very mixed reviews online - esp. about sound quality. Do you enjoy shows there? It will be good to know for future reference. Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone - I need some info from you guys. Jackopierce http://www.jackopierce.com/ is playing in Houston this Thursday night at the Studio at Warehouse LIve. Dh and I enjoyed them back in our college days and saw them a few times in the mid 90's in College Station. Anyway, I've been checking for a stop in Houston for quite awhile. They are coming this Thursday and we'd like to go. My question is about the venue. I am 4 months pregnant so I don't want to be in a smoky enclosed bar type place. What is this place like? Is there smoking allowed inside? We usually go to 1-2 concerts a year, but typically at the Woodlands for big draw shows. Anyway, we would be going to the early show if this makes any difference.. Opinions and any info you can share is greatly appreciated!
  8. THANKS so much for that info/ link. My dh and I spent a weekend downtown in March and walked down there after a play at the Alley. My dh kept seeing this "bubbling" happen and was very curious about it. He even made me take some pictures. We never would have known the answer if it wasn't for this post. I learn so many cool things about my hometown from this board! I've lived here all my life (except college) and I love reading here about all this obscure stuff.
  9. I was a student at A&M from 92-96 and saw alot of movies during my time there. After I met my dh in 1994, I even kept all my movie stubs in a scrapbook and I still have it today. Most of what you have above is correct( stuff that I would know about) except the Park Place III dates. If that is the one on SW Pkwy behind Wendy's, it had to close before Fall of 1992 as I don't remember it open while I was there. I also know FOR certain it was a club by fall 1994. I went dancing in a night club that was in that building in Sept. 1994 (remember date b/c of bad breakup that happened right before and friends drug me there to cheer me up) and remember thinking you could tell it was an old theater. It was dance/ club music -not country. Other memories that may help your dates: - The theater by Harry's was definitely open in 1993 as I remember seeing "My Life" w/ Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman there in 1993 (possibly fall semester). I don't remember seeing any other movies there and think it closed shortly after this. - Shulman 6 - I believe I'm thinking of the correct theater- it was an older style one w/ 6 screens and you could see an old drive in screen right by this theater. My now dh and I saw several movies here in 1995. I have my ticket stub from seeing "Mad Love" there from June 1995. -Cinemark either opened in second half of 1993 or in 1994. I remember the difficulty of seeing a movie my freshman year in BCS. It seemed like the movie theaters were always sold out so we rented a lot of movies my Fish Year . One time we drove to every movie place that we knew of to try to see "The Bodyguard" when it came out, but every one was sold out. I remember trying the Shulman, one at Manor East, the mall, and the one at the current Harry's location. I belive that was it in Fall of 1992. I remember thinking they seriously needed a modern big theater and soon Cinemark appeared. - Post Oak Theaters - I still have ticket stubs from seeing Braveheart, Waterworld, Seven, Father of Bride 2, and Beautiful Girls in 1995 and 1996 w/ now dh. All my stubs say "Carmike cinemas" on them so this must be who was managing it at the time. - Sidenote: I also remember going to see Wayne's World on campus my freshman year. I don't believe it was first run b/c I remember seeing this in high school at home at the end of my senior year (spring 1992). Anyone remember where this would be? It wasn't in the big auditorium, but I believe it was elsewhere in the MSC/ Rudder area. All I remember is everyone singing along to the Bohemian Rhapsody and quoting lines from the movie -lol. Hope this helps some. I enjoyed this thread!
  10. I lived in Walnut Bend from birth until age 10 and we went to Westchase Mall often. Since I was young and it's been more than 25 years, I don't remember everything that was in there, but many of the descriptions given are correct - a long air conditioned hallway w/ stores on both sides and a few entrances/ sitting areas. What I do remember is a hallway near the front right side of Target that led in to the mall. I do remember it being at an angle too as someone posted. The I remember The Gap being the on the right side of the mall just outside the Target entrance. I don't remember too many other particulars about exact stores, but I know there was a pizza place, a haircut place, my eye doctor (who is still in the area by Whole Foods now), a Hallmark type store, etc... I know there were other places, but these were the ones we went to often and the ones I remember. I'll have to ask my mom next time I talk to her as she would remember more.
  11. I know exactly what you are talking about b/c we ate in the restaurant you are describing w/ friends probably 7-9 years ago. It was surfer/ tropical themed, but it was NOT a Rainforest Cafe. We also didn't ever go back and it's been gone now for at least 3-4 years if not more. Dh and I first discovered RC in Vegas in 1999 as we were walking through the MGM Grand. We ate there and thought it was pretty good for a theme restaurant - comparing to Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, etc type places. We have small kids now and live in Katy, so yes we do go to RC. We usually go once a year for ds's birthday as he loves it. The food is decent and the kids have fun - a fun place for a birthday dinner for our kids. We've been to the Galveston one once on a RAINY day to kill time since our plans changed due to the weather. It's about the same except for the ride addition.
  12. Can't help w/ the new commute time b/c I haven't made it in years. I just wanted to say that I grew up in Nottingham Country and my parents still live there. Dh wants to move there, but w/ this economy it will be awhile. (We have a home in north Katy now.) It's a great subdivision w/ great schools! I think you will love it! I hope you get your commute answer.
  13. Okay, I'm not remembering a Loews 6 upstairs at all. I don't think that is correct. There was the original balcony theater w/ red plush carpeting and a grand staircase near the current Forever 21. I'm not sure when that closed as my memories of that are few (see previous post). Then they opened the multiscreen theatre on the ground floor down in the Sears wing -across from the access to today's theater. As you were walking in the mall towards Sears, it was on the right hand side just before a hallway that lead to the parking lot (I believe this hall is still there w/ a restaurant - maybe Beck's Prime?) and then past the hall was Sears. I can't remember what is in that space now, but there were doors from that side hallway and the main corridor to access the theater. I think this theater closed in the late 90's. As far as the upstairs amusement park, I've read alot about this over the years and it perplexes me as I have no memory of it at all. It might just be the timing is off for me to remember it as I think some dates put it around 93-94 and I was away at college then. I do remember hearing of a play place upstairs that existed when I was really little near the old original theatre (current Forever 21 area), but have no memory of accessing such a place later on in that location. I do remember a place I think that was called Exhilarama that actually had rides and I believe was 2 stories in the mid 90's. It started where the little arcade in the food court is today and went way back for a long ways (probably into what is currently some of Penney's space). There was a staircase to a 2nd floor w/ more stuff if memory serves me correctly. I only went there once or twice w/ my nephew when he was little. I remember a 2nd floor there, but all these things I read about a 2nd floor play area near Sears confuses me. CAn anyone help me w/ this? I've always wondered about this inconsistent memory.
  14. Madmax - We are the same age (also born in 74) and have many of the same memories. I've been going to this mall as long as I can remember and will try to help out. Point #1 - He is correct. It was on the east side, but the mall is MUCH longer now. It used to end about where the Starbucks rotunda is. It was a straight shot with the Foley's (one story) ending the mall there. As you were walking towards Foley's, I do remember a Palais Royal (or something similar) on the left hand side. I'm not sure how long it was there, but I know it was there in my high school years until they started rehabing the mall. (We did a school choir fundraiser there by helping w/ inventory one year. ) Point #2 - I don't personally remember the steakhouse, but have heard about it. I do remember the food court from the 80's and 90's. It was in the same area - just much smaller than today. If you take away that part that juts out by McDonald's and goes to more eateries, the bathrooms, and carousel, etc, and make it a straight wall down to the exit by Berryhill/ arcade, that was the food court back then. The whole side where Taco Bell and all those restaurants are and the part of the other side with storefronts near Chickfila were there then too. I also remember one of those recording studios that were everywhere in the 80's. You know the kind where you wore headphones and the gave you sheet music and they recorded you singing a famous song and gave you the tape. This one had a TV moitor where you could watch the people recording in the food court. It was located near the present day Marble Slab counter I think. Point#3 -Our memories match up well except I was thinking the second theater (late 80's-2000ish) was a few more screens -maybe 8-10. My only memory of the first theater is a large curving staircase covered in red velvety like carpeting. My dad saw the Excorist there and the popcorm machine caught on fire during the movie and everyone had to be evacuated. He took this as a sign to never watch movies like that again -lol. (He said half-joking.)
  15. Maybe it feels older b/c it was a regular pre-stadium seating theater in its former life. (I think it was a Cinemark.) When I was growing up in Katy from the mid 80's to early 90's, this was the only theater out here. It was 8 screens w/ a snack bar. I believed it closed about 7-9 years ago (once Katy Mills and the big Cinemark came in) and sat empty for a few years before being converted and opened by Alamo.
  16. Hello all - My dh and I have an anniversary coming up and want to go out for a nice dinner. With 2 small children and a tight budget, it's a real treat to do so. We have decided to convert some of our AMEX rewards point for a dining voucher so we can enjoy ourselves w/o worry of cost. We'd like a nice dinner out at a place that has a great steak, nice atmosphere, and where we can hear each other talk. My favorite steak place is Pappa Bros Steakhouse for a great, romantic dinner (we were in a back room, quiet both), but it's not a choice. I have not eaten at any of the following places, so I'm not sure which to pick. If you read reviews, it's a mixed bag at most paces - some LOVE it, some don't. Here are my choices from AMEX: Smith & Wollensky Capital Grille Morton's Fleming's Prime Steakhouse - do we even have one of these? Ruth Chris So, which would you pick and why? If there are multiple locations, is one better than the other? I really appreciate your help!
  17. I'm confused by your statement as The Showboat is still very much up and running. In fact they added a 2nd screen last year. I have friends who went recently and it was full. We've been before and loved it and hope to get back this fall. With 2 small kids, we don't get to many movies at all these days. Here's a link to this weekend's features: http://www.theshowboatdrivein.com/
  18. I remember many of those places. I also remember: Units - Remember this fad?! It was basic knit pieces that you mixed and matched -most outfits were finished off with a fabric "belt" ( a tube of fabric). I remember the stores having walls of cubbies w/ the pieces in there. Contempo - didn't shop there much, but some friends did 579 -I think these might still exist I remember Outback Red clothes, but can't remember who sold them. I also shopped sometimes at Gap, Express, Lerners (now NY&Co) and Banana Republic - all stores that still exist. BTW these would be mid -late 80's stores.
  19. His post confused me some too, but he is right about there being a movie theatre back then down by Sears (across the way from the new theatre). It was 8-10 screens and was the old style (pre stadium seating). The current theatre is the 3rd one in this mall as far as I know. When I was a very little girl, I remember one that had a "grand" staircase carpeted in a plush red near the middle of the mall. My parents confirmed this theatre and said it was there most of the 70's (if not before) and maybe some of the early 80's -not sure. I also remember something about a fire there. I don't remember a rink there in the late 80's- those were my high school years and we went there often. There were seasonal rinks set up from time to time, but I don't remember a permanent rink at that time. There may have been a rink many years before, but not at that time.
  20. Wow - Thank you so much! I don't know how I missed that one. I was looking in my controls and everywhere else. Thanks again!
  21. Hello all - I've been coming here to HAIF for several years and love this site. For the last few weeks, everytime I check the boards I can only see the first post normally and then the rest are listed below in a drop down menu where I have to click each individual post to read it. I hope that makes sense. I want to be able to see all replies one after the other without clicking each one. I looked in MY CONTROLS but can't figure it out. If you know what I'm talking about and can help, please tell me what to do to fix it. Thanks in advance!
  22. I think this may be the spot where I saw a sign for Main Event Entertainment. I didn't know what that was so I did a search and the logos match up w/ the sign I saw. http://www.maineventusa.net/ Sorry to repeat info. Something is messed up w/ my settings on here and I didn't see the other replies at first. All the replies are in a drop down menu format -how do I fix that?
  23. I agree! Love the showboat - great place to see a double feature for $5! It's very clean, safe, and family friendly. Drive-ins seem to be coming back as they are opening one in Brookshire soon as well. Here's that link. http://www.starsatnightdrivein.com/
  24. You are describing what I think was called Mountain Park. I remember going there as a child. I also remember a large hill that you could go down in/on giant bags/ mats (or something like that) -like a giant slide.
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