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  1. I have to say I went to Mely's once and hated it. That was a few months back ... I like Sam's boat idea, but what a horrible location!!! Sam's boat usually has nice patios, but if they put in a patio here there will be a nice parking lot for the view! What were they thinking??? They should have waiting and put it in at waterlights next to water!
  2. YIPEE ... so you know this is a forsure thing? Is so I will stop sending my weekend email to HEB. hehe
  3. Has anyone heard if there might be an HEB coming to that area anytime soon? Grocery shopping out there sucks and I hate driving down the beltway to go to HEB. Thanks
  4. My husband I have lived in Shadow Creek Ranch for a about 8 months ... we really like it. And we are excited the new developments! Our property taxes went WAY up!!!! We are fighting it ... My husband works downtown and it usually takes him about 30 minutes to get to his office in his desk. He has to park in garage in couple of blocks away ... I love it out there ...
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