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  1. Hello Yes..Once in november 2005. But it was for a job and I stayed there for only 4 days. so i did not see many things thanks for the welcome.. help ?? thanks kikos
  2. Hello dear friends, great work on that site,..congratulations :-) I am going to move in houston in the first week of august. I will be a graduate student in the UofH and working in a tmedical lab. I am from greece and i have been searching around for apartments etc.. I would like to find an apartment (1-1) with no more than 700$ including all utilities around rice university. Maybe between rice university and west university. Some people that I had talked to told me that this is a really nice area... I would like to find a place where crime is avoided (even though this is hard since houston is a huge city). Could you please guide me? I am thinking about the area between rice university, museum district and west university.. What do you think?? Do you know any nice gated communities in these areas? thank you for your help regards, kikos
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