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  1. Your taste (or lack of it) is absolutely a personal issue. If you are entitled to reiterate your opinion, then so am I. I have a passion for quality architecture, I say this tower is very nice. You called yourself a grinch. I'm not making fun of you, I'm only agreeing with you.
  2. This new tower is beautiful. Most people are going to love it. Just like most people love Christmas and can't really relate to grinches or their personal issues.
  3. The design is terrific. This will be a great addition to the skyline. It will make the view from I-45 be even better and make downtown look even wider from the west. Love that the northern end of downtown is getting some serious height.
  4. I thought wxman was being too kind. Houston should strive to have a world class urban center, but that doesn't mean it should come at the expense of the suburbs. The Woodlands is a huge asset to Houston. And remember, when you disrespect the Houston suburbs, you are disrespecting 95% of Houston itself.
  5. This isn't an argument. This is more like teasing a cat with a ball of yarn than it is an argument. It's harmless and funny watching kitty spaz out over something he doesn't have the capacity to understand. Cutting a vital artery in the heart of downtown Houston that carries hundreds of thousands of cars per day with nothing to replace it is NOT an improvement. As an idea, it is idiotic, asinine and is so removed from the possibility of actually happening in the real world, a serious discussion on the idea wouldn't be taken any further than the dayroom of a lunatic asylum. Go read the title of this thread. It's not happening in Dallas. It's not happening in Houston. Clinging to the fantasy that one day you will wake up and all the freeways are going to magically disappear and and 6 million+ people are going to sell their cars to the junk yard and only use mass transportation in metro areas that span hundreds of square miles in every direction is borderline psychotic if were truly taken seriously by anyone. BTW, I'm not calling Slick Vic borderline psychotic. I don't even think he is taking the idea of removing the Pierce seriously. He just comes here for the attention. That reminds me, I need to pick up some kitty litter.
  6. If the Pierce itself was removed, 200,000 extra cars would hemorrhage all over downtown and midtown Houston much like a person would bleed to death after their jugular vein is sliced open. The properties would eventually be valueless because it would be such a nightmare putting 200,000 cars over roads that were never designed to support them that no one in their right mind would want to live there, work there, stop there or spend money there. Every street in midtown and downtown would be one long, continuous, endless, parking lot all day and all night. Imagine the intersection of Post Oak and Westhiemer at 6:00pm on Friday times 100 all day, every day. Add in a little Houston 100 degree heat and humidity and Armageddon should start looking pretty good now by comparison. Don't believe me? Try slicing a vein open and just see what happens! The pouring blood WILL go elsewhere, but probably not where you wanted it to go. I don't know about you but I'd rather the blood keep the heart pumping and not diverted on to my nice clean floors just to force people to use mass transit against their will! Or better yet, just take my word for it. Slick Vic, you aren't ready to be a city planner unless your objective is to get people to move away from the inner city. BTW, I'm not so sure that isn't your main objective anyway. Your ideas read like the logic of a James Bond super villain who is out to destroy a city. No one gets it, but you.
  7. If they ripped out DART tomorrow. No one would miss it. The 10 people that use it would probably find alternate routes. As someone who would actually like to see more rail in Houston, I wish Slick Vic would quit promoting it. Sometimes I think his arguments, miscalculations and convoluted logic only give ammunition for the opposition. No offense Slick Vic, but anyone who would advocate the removal of the Pierce with nothing to replace it would never be allowed to sit at the grown-ups table. Although I admire your outside-the-box thinking, you can't ignore common sense. Sending 200,000 cars on to other freeways and roads in downtown Houston (or Dallas) sounds worse than armageddon - especially if you try to do that before you even have any rail, Futurama tubes or flying Jetson cars to replace it.
  8. If this is what strip malls look like these days, I can live with it.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a thread at HAIF or any info about #17 on the above pdf (28 floor residential w/ 9 floors of parking). Thank you!
  10. Remember 'nucklehead'? I don't know if Slick Vic is DonCheto, but I'm almost certain that he used to go by an obnoxious banned poster named "nucklehead" that diminished the quality of this website a few years ago for a short time. Nucklehead started ridiculous inane topic after topic to bash Houston, deliberately infuriate people who really like Houston and created threads to engage in flamewars to distract himself from what surly must be a very mundane existance. Sure, it was entertaining enough, but I remember how thread after thread was constantly derailed and hijacked so that everyone just talked about nucklehead's made up adventures and fabricated stories of fortune that even a small child would question. Sound familiar? Same M.O. Editor, if it is a violation to have more than one username at this website, please check this out. I would love nothing more than to see Slick Vic's account be deleted so that this website can get back in business. It's a great time to be into Houston, please don't let this troll drive away the valuable contributors to this website. If I'm wrong, my apologies to all.
  11. Thanks for giving us a great example of the deteriorating the board quality.
  12. Some people actually think Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa are musical geniuses too. LOL!
  13. I'll be so glad when high school starts back up again.
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