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  1. Okay. I think we have a winner. (fingers crossed and holding the breath)..Thank you guys for the help...you too Puma.
  2. Sorry, this was my first time to post and wasn't really sure how to do so. If there's a better way then I would like to know; then I can go back make the appropriate edits. No need to get nasty about it..
  3. Had to go back and repost. There's a bit of a learning curve when doing this..hope you enjoy.
  4. I took some drive-by photos in the Montose area when I visited Houston a few months ago. Let me know what you think. Hyde Park facing downtown Hyde Park Cresent Townhomes Westheimer Westheimer Westheimer Hollywood Cafe - Grant/Hyde Park. What was this place? Parking Lot facing Montrose on Missouri - Regular Gas $2.05 Caffe Den Parking Lot on Missouri Baba Yega on Grant Another Shot of Hollywood Cafe/Bistro. I had a bad sandwich there. The bread had a perfumee aftertaste. This could be Fairview, but I'm not sure. Christy's Donuts. Love the Breakfast Tacos.
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