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  1. Here are a few photos that I've aquired that show TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) and TMC under various stages of construction. Original Texas Children's Hospital 3 story 'Abercrombie' building under construction in 1953 TCH open for business in February of 1954 Texas Children's Hospital adding 3 floors to 'Abercrombie' in 1967 TCH with St. Lukes in background in undated photo (1970's) Early 90's, TCH's 'West Tower' (upper left) and 'Feigin Center' (lower right) under construction. TCH/BCM/USDA joint building called CNRC (Children's Nutrition Research Center) sits in center of both construction projects. 'S-Lot' (parking lot at corner of Fannin and Holcombe, next to CNRC) awaits it's future. Notice St. Luke's Medical Tower under construction across the street from Fannin. Late 90's, TCH's 'West Tower' is complete (although only 4 floors at this point) and TCH's 'Feigin Center' is complete and standing at 12 floors. 'S-Lot' parking lot at Fannin & Holcombe about to be cleared for construction of TCH's new 'Clinical Care Center' building and additional 16 floors added to the newly completed 'West Tower'. Kevin
  2. Boy are you guys both correct. I have been to both and don't think either are worth their cost anymore. We visited Monument Inn less than a year ago and we must have waited a full 1 1/2 hours to get our food. Yes, great food... but not worth that wait, and the quality ended up being nearly Denny's quality at best... Sorry to offend any Denny's LOVERS out there.... Kevin
  3. Thanks! I found these photos on Microsoft's local.live.com "Bird's Eye" photo service, showing the two markings from the best and clearest view yet. It's clear that at least in the Cross, the formation absolutely MUST be man-man. It's far too perfect a circle and lines far too straight. Kevin
  4. A Houston historic landmark was under demolition late this afternoon, after being a landmark in Houston for over 40 years! Here's some photos from my cell phone and a video... The sign says "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" STABLES.MOV Quicktime cell phone video... stables.mov cell phone video
  5. Does anybody know why the US59 Southbound onramp that leads directly from Wheeler Station is still closed? This fast way to get on US59 southbound was open only a couple weeks nearly 5 months ago and hasn't been re-opened since. Right now, all the Metro buses have to go up to Richmond, and go under the Spur and then on to it's US59 soutbound on-ramp, but it would be MUCH easier and faster to get on directly from Wheeler Station. Any clues anyone? Kevin
  6. Does anybody have any old Alief area photos that they can share? I'm talking about photos from the 30's through 70's? An arial would be awesome if anybody has one... Kevin
  7. I have seemed to be nearly fascinated with the little community of 'Kopernik Shores' down near South Padre Island ever since I learned about it. According to the Texas Online Handbook, it's got a little history as a Polish community that appeared to fail and houses originally sold for like $12,000. According to satellite photos, there appears to be a small community of relatively recent-built homes down about 2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, down near the best beach area Texas has to offer. Obviously, South Padre Island is very expensive - but it would appear that 'Kopernik Shores' would not be very expensive to purchase a home. Because of it's remote location, I have no had the pleasure of visiting this little community or Boca Chica Beach (at the Gulf). Can somebody provide any realtor information, housing values, information, and recent photos of the community!? Kevin kevinj@houston.rr.com
  8. Erik doesn't own or maintain texasfreeway.com, Ron Jackson does. Kevin
  9. Texas Children's Hospital bought both the Wells Fargo building and the Crowne Plaza hotel, both right across the street from the main TCH campus. Speculation is both will be torn down and the new 20-floor obstetrics hospital will be where the Crowne Plaza currently is. Catwalks (people movers) going across the street from the new obstetrics building would go to both TCH's West Tower and TCH's CCC building - forming a VERY impressive and very HIGH catwalk between the three buildings. Kevin Jackson
  10. A couple of those streets do still exist today. Here's a aerial map from live.com that shows the town center of Aldine. You'll find that Colby, Willis, and Cagle still exist going North to South. It doesn't appear that any of the East to West streets still exist however. It would seem most probable thought that Hodgkins Street may be the same as Hooker street, changed names for obvious reasons.
  11. Addicks Howell is named for going between Addicks (SE corner of I-10 and Highway 6) and Howellville. The center of Howellville is at the intersection of Howell-Sugarland Road and Alief-Clodine (which is just east of Highway 6 and Alief Clodine). Additional roads Dairy Ashford go between the towns of "Dairy" (a seldom used name for Alief) and "Ashford", a town up near the US290 area. Howell-Sugarland Road go between Howellville and Sugarland. Kevin
  12. Do any of your guys have photos or info on what I have always known as the "old Meyer property" at the NE corner of 610 Loop South & S. Post Oak, right across the freeway from the MeyerPark retail property. I know there were some scenes from a movie shot at this location, there appears to be the old footprint of a home, and there is (or was) a small retail building at the SE corner of this property that used to be a gas station ( i think ). Anyone have any citable information about this property or any photos? HCAD.org doesn't describe it at all except for the northern edge next to the bayou as being HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) ownership. Kevin Jackson
  13. Lamb road is off Eldridge Parkway about a mile north of I-10. The road leads west going toward Langham Creek, which is back in the forest area. The Blue Light Cemetary is north of Patterson road, just northwest of Patterson and Eldridge, or a relatively short walking distance from these markings. Yes, the blue lights are emmitted from rocks. On the same morning of the markings visit, I visited the Blue Light Cemetary and there was absolutely nothing to see. Just a year or so ago some gravestones were still there and the area had weed overgrowth of only about a foot or so high. This last time the overgrowth was well over 4 feet high and no sign of the gravestones anywhere. Perhaps they have all been removed or stolen once and for all. There appears to be no Blue Light Cemetary any more. My quest over the circles is over. The area in person is very very unappealing and not much to see. It's only the sight from the sky and air that is quite amazing. Kevin
  14. The original blimp hanger was made of wood and these four large concrete pillars were basically at the four corners of the blimp hanger, essentially making up the sides of the doors for each end. The four pillars were deemed too cost in-effective to remove and were simply left in place. The area is now being developed into a race track, due to open in the next month or two. Kevin
  15. Here's the pictures I promised... This is taken from the "corner" of one of the crosses arms, toward the forest edge Taken from forest edge, toward one of the crosses arms Up the main "head" of the cross, showing the thickness of the vegeation line From the forest edge of the "dome" marking, looking in to the tree in the middle of the dome This was the "Ground" of the "dome" marking.... This is the "dome" itself. It's just a small but very smooth and perfectly round hill. I still firmly believe that somebody MADE this area be what it is a long time ago and the ecosystem around it hasn't changed much. While the cross, from the ground, is not very impressable, it's clear to me that tree's don't just line themselves up this way. There was a 'hill' surrounding both clearings that appears to be keeping both clearings in a semi-marsh state, which may explain why the trees around it don't grow here - they aren't full-time water frendly species of trees. The dome is far too perfectly round and smooth to be an accident, and the large tree is in the very middle. Kevin
  16. Here's a view from above, showing the remaining supports for the Hitchcock blimp base...
  17. "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there" -Larry the Cable Guy
  18. I think we have beat this topic to death. They certainly are not "crop circles" and there is enough evidence to determine that it was some type of recreational park structure. I think that just about covers this topic about as much as can be talked about. How about them Astros?
  19. Here's a scan from a 1968 Houston Tourguide map published by Gulf Oil Company. This map clearly shows "Old Main Street Loop Rd" being truncated by the Astrodome sports complex. The rest of the road goes SW down to Main Street & Stella Link. This map even shows a few streets that are now completely gone without a trace that ran between "Old Main Street Loop Rd" and "Alt 90"; the streets of Ingleside, Clearview, & Hilcrest. A careful comparison of these three streets and current GoogleMap imagery appears to show no signs at all of these old streets existence. I wonder what or who used to live or exist on these old non-existent streets? I do also notice the old street of Fariss on this map going both east and west of Alt-90, where today it only runs east of Alt-90. Lastly, the "Old Main Street Loop Rd" did NOT run across the railroad tracks at this time and go any further. If it did run longer than the railroad tracks, like TexasFreeway.com indicates, it was before this 1968 map. Funny how AstroWorld is under construction on this map and today there's no hint it was even ever there.
  20. Here's a scan from a 1968 Houston Tourguide map published by Gulf Oil Company. This map clearly shows the area in question just to the west of the large GALENA orange square. Notice that IH610 East Loop is scheduled for Summer 1969 completion in this photo, and yet the area shows no signs of the circles anywhere. The "Maxine Street" goes completely North-South through the area in question. "Bowers" street is on here but most of the other streets are missing. The East-West street "Mississippi" as shown here appears to be a more major street as it's designated by a double-blue line. There's not even a hint of any "circles" in this map, however. The streets of "Belfield" on the circles west edge and an unnamed street on their east edge do interestingly curve inward joining "Borden" street, as if there WAS some type of obstacle these streets were built around. Clinton Park is clear on the other side of the future IH610 East construction.
  21. Does anybody here have the 'Houston: Remember When' VHS tapes? Do any of you think we can go in and split the cost of the series for $75 and each borrow it? I would really like to see the tapes but $75 is a bit much. Kevin
  22. "The G-Team" and I just got back from going to see the Addicks cross markings. The mosquitos were out in incredible numbers, like a trail of smoke walking behind us everywhere we went. We went first to the cross. We saw a number of copperhead snakes out and about. There was a prominent hill of earth surrounding the circle of the cross which was interesting. I could not see that on the GoogleEarth imagery or the KHOU video. The hill was apparently keeping the water inside the circle, which may explain the lack of vegetation and or trees on this part. The circle of raised earth appeared to be man-made but no evidence why. The cross itself is also raised earth and straight enough to be clearly man-made but no explanation why. The cross middle was even slightly higher earth and contained a Geocache. The dome section was surrounded by raised earth as well. The "dome" in the middle was raised earth by about 3 full feet higher than the surrounding area and contained one large tree, also with a Geocache in it. The area inside each feature was extremely muddy and likely stays that way for most of the year because of the large earthen hill surrounding both of them. It's my opinion that because of the raised dirt surrounding the structures, that the soil inside the structures remains far to moist for the normal trees and vegetation that's outside of the. Hence the year after year of continued difference of soil and growth. There is clearly no way to get any type of lawn maintenance gear out there to keep the weeds low. We could barely get ourselves out there, much less any lawn equipment. Lamb Road is completely and totally overgrown. There are baby pine trees throughout the "road" that would prevent probably even a Hummer from getting far. I will try to post some pictures from my digital camera in the coming days. Kevin
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