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  1. It looks like according to that old Swamplot article that the architect at least at some point had sketches of 2950 on his website, but the link is broken like so many on Swamplot now :( I might just have to drive by 2945 like a creep every once in awhile to watch the progress.
  2. Yeah that's what I figured. Thank you so much for your insight. One of my best friends works for a boutique firm in Austin, and his response was "I bet that firm wants to stay as hidden as possible since the client had to bulldoze a historic and beautiful residence first". Makes sense.
  3. Thanks @Luminare! Yeah "redevelopment" was probably not the right way to title this post - really just curious if anybody would be able to dig up any design and/or build info on who is putting up the new house. His brother across the street used NYC architecture firm Alexander Gorlin for his historic teardown and rebuild across the street according to this old Swamplot article. Just the google satellite view of that house (2950 lazy lane) looks crazy. I'll be very interested to see what the completed 2945 looks like.
  4. I'm new to the forum but a long time real estate nut. Please let me know if this needs to be posted elsewhere more relevant on the site. This news is far from current, but I haven't been able to find a lot of information about it. Most of the relevant info can be found in this article from 2017. TL;DR - billionaire energy trader demolishes historic Houston home across the street from his billionaire brother who also demolished a historic Houston home. My question - is there any information as to the builder / architect? I drove by it the other day and it currently has a massive steal frame with some bizarre concrete walls visible on google street view which is what caused me to come here for help because it looks absolutely wild. Thanks y'all.
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