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  1. ........that's what she said.
  2. I think that area is considered an extension of The Heights, either Memorial Heights or Washington Heights.
  3. Alvin...where the hole in the walls survive.
  4. For evey business going under there are 5 more waiting to lease their spot.
  5. Now that comparison is just mean....
  6. I was heading to Wal-Mart the other day in Pearland. A co-worker asked me which one I was going to; the black one(West), the hispanic one(Highway 35), or the white one(Dixie Farm). I was dumb-founded by her ignorance, but everyone has their opinion I guess.
  7. Those are really nice. Where did you take this one??
  8. Fake....and I mean that as a compliment. Nice shots!!
  9. I turned 16 in 1994 and my dad got me a 1969 Ford F250....
  10. Without a doubt....great advice!
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