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  1. Why in the world has no one mentioned the hottest dance club/ disco Houston had ever seen ? After Dark @ 6500 Westpark Dr near Hillcroft was simply unmatched in all area.....clientele [ best dancers ], DJ...Ray Rameriz, bartenders.....Bob Hartley, Bruce Glass, Michael Max. Fashion Shows put together by Tootsie’s Mickey Rosmarin, and top drawer owners Vernon Young & Ben Gentry along with managers and door and floor managers Randy Taylor & Stan Stark. Above all the most beautiful customer women/dancers there every night......Donna Hill, Regina Flores, Scarlet Maegel, Cindy Eisenhauer, Linda Smith, Janice Carbon + + +. Regulars had their own reserved parking, reserved tables & assigned waitresses. Parking lot was filled to the max nightly with Corvettes, Jags, Caddies, Lamborginis, Panteras, Aston Martins, etc. The club dominated other clubs so outlandishly that it was firebombed TWICE by another club’s [ Genesis ] owners. They were caught after 2nd event & got 30 years ! Hope to hear feedback from anyone lucky enough to have experienced the After Dark phenomenon right here in this column....Best to all ! S Stark
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