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  1. I asked for Backyard Gardener to do estimate some work at my home last year. I spent several hours with them at their store and at our property. The only caveat that I made clear from the start was that I could not afford to drop $15k at one time. I indicated that I needed to split the work into three equal chunks. That way I could manage the expense against my cash flow. I also wanted to see how things evolved and could make artistic changes if their design wasn't working as I would want. Even with those caveats, they were enthusiastic and came to my house to do an estimate and talked to me for about two hours. At this point, I was overjoyed because I've always had problems with landscapers and how they only want to mega jobs. At the end, they understood what i wanted, promised a written estimate and left. They even spoke of scheduling the first phase within the nex week. I never heard from them again -- no phone call, not even a polite decline letter. Just silence. I called, I went by their store (they were "out") but nothing ever came of it. I found others in my immediate area who had similar experiences when the owner didn't want to do work. That's the owner's perrogative to turn down work, but being polite only takes a moment. I see their work around and its generally good, but I felt I wasted a lot of time and felt jilted at the end. Needless to say I'm not a fan. For others though, if you have big $, I'm sure they are great. My suggestion is to do the work yourself but hire Teas or Buchannan's to do the design work. Teas is more formal and you get a document for about $700. Buchannan's will send someone out to consult at about $25-50/hr. Either way, I think you get as good a product but you do the work.
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