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  1. I remember that park! I think I was only there a couple of times before it became part of Katy Freeway. We probably went because we knew it was going to be gone soon. I was maybe only 5 or 6 when we went there, but I found it quite memorable! Growing up in Spring Branch, hills were few and far between, so having those to run around on was amazing.
  2. I just started reading this thread today. I grew up in Spring Branch, so only occasionally got to visit Westbury Square as a kid, and usually on a Sunday afternoon. I remember Rumpelheimer's and Britan's Broiler Burger quite well though. I also vaguely remember visiting as a teenager, but it was way out of my boundary lines for dates and hanging out. Being new to the thread, I was following all the links at the beginning. I haven't seen it noted here, but one of the first page posters, Stu, died in 2008. Here's the link. I followed the link for his website that was on his first post and f
  3. I know this post was awhile ago, but I was amazed at the description of the pool and the bubble. Could you tell me where this was located? I grew up in Spring Branch. I remember as a kid (8 or 9) going to my friends house and she had teenage brothers. I remember hearing them talking about going to the pool where you could breathe underwater! It was far away, so plans were discussed for days in advance. I rarely said a word to these boys, so I never asked questions. My friend lived two houses down, so when this "big trip" was being planned, I went every day to hear all I could about the adven
  4. My goodness, yes. My cousin still lives in Madisonville. When I visited her as a teenager, we ran in and out of that place a lot. We mostly hung out at the drug store, but sometimes we'd head for the Corral for a coke or maybe for breakfast.
  5. Did you go to the first one on Mason @ Cimarron Parkway? They had lots of time to perfect the menu while at the smaller location. I don't like their onion sauce that they pass off as hot sauce, but otherwise, the food is good. I don't go to their new location because of the giant sandbox. We've eaten there twice since the big place opened. The first time we were grossed out by the kids tracking sand everywhere. People told us they had made improvements with the sand tracking, so we gave it another try. We asked to be seated as far away as possible from the sandbox and the hostess put us
  6. I agree with this. When our kids were little, we never took them anywhere we didn't know. If my husband and I couldn't visit before hand and check it out, we didn't go to the hole in the wall places. We cooked in our tile and copper kitchen. Since I've lived in Katy over 25 years, we've seen lots of mom n pop places come and go. The only one that has lasted is El Jarrito. It's boomed, in fact. Some people never eat mexican food any where else. I liked it on Mason @ Cimarron Parkway. I don't like it at all since it opened on Highland Knolls and put in that giant, filthy sandbox. (Bes
  7. I remember the one at Gessner & Westheimer being named The Great Mining Company. I ate at Baby Doe's Matchless Mine in Dallas when I was a student at Baylor - in Waco. That was a destination for Baylor Bears in the 70's. Waco hadn't had a restaurant boom yet when I was living there. Here is a video about Baby Doe's closing in Dallas, and it even mentions that it was a tourist spot. And here is a website actually about Baby Doe, but has a page about the restaurants. Scroll down about halfway.
  8. It's open and busy when I drive by. Has anyone eaten there?
  9. I started reading a book that was set in Houston. I stopped reading it when the main character got in her car in Houston and drove about an hour to her "mountain hideaway."
  10. The guys got their STATE RINGS today! If you know any of the players, well... you won't even need to ask to see the ring. You'll be able to see it from miles away!!! They really are beautiful rings.
  11. Big 2 News was the station to watch though, with news about the Corrl case. I can still see the red mustang that had the car phone and Elmer Wayne Henley leaning against it. I can hear him saying, "Mama... I killed Dean." I think she said Oh Wayne or Oh Baby. That clip played over and over for weeks. I also remember the footage of digging at High Island. That still creeps me out and I wasn't very old at the time. There was Karla Faye Tucker. She and her boyfriend killed her best friends husband and a woman who had the misfortune to have gone home with him that night. Her boyfriend use
  12. Saturday, December 22, 7:00pm, Alamodome in San Antonio! Katy! Katy! Katy! Katy! Go Katy Tigers!!!!!
  13. Wooohooo! Back to State, Baby!!!!
  14. They create an incredible amount of traffic. Incredible. I really don't think that parking lot is big enough for a Fiesta. My parents live near the one on Blalock. There were so many accidents at that intersection! We were pretty surprised that it was closing since the parking lot was still packed. And I agree. Upkeep and maintenence doesn't seem to be a high priority with the Fiesta Corporation.
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