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  1. I am looking forward to a new ipod touch with similar capability. However the rumor is that the camera will be 3 megapixels (instead of 5).
  2. Yes, I agree. This is true to the extent that Q cards are obtainable for free from such a vending machine as you describe, which does not seem to be the case in Houston. "Card or cash" sounds pretty good -- a little different from "card only", but I see your point. Anyway the issue that started all of this was the notion that payment on local trains / future trolleys should be done the same way it is now, but on the train instead of at the station, and with only Q cards, to avoid the issue of "having to have a person driving and a person collecting fees." Irrespective of whether or not this
  3. The threat of a price war can keep competitors out. The goal is to make money, not to lose money. I was referring to the claim that Wal-Mart just wants to screw with Target, whereupon everybody began saying with conviction "No, they just want to serve the Inner Loop!" I'm saying that you can't say for sure either way. It's tempting to think that they are willing to cannibalize existing stores just so you don't have to drive another 5 minutes to get to their store, but it's also possible they just want to use their economies of scale such that they can eventually set the price without compe
  4. It would not be ever-lasting. It would only need to drive competitors out of business. This is most certainly in Wal-Mart's long term interests. Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that people can come up with business models that can make money selling things. It was not my point to say that there weren't. What I was trying to show by posting that link is that s3mh's ideas about Wal-Mart's motives and reasons for building are as valid as anyone else's. And in addition, I find it funny and a little bit sad that people think H-E-B could ever outbid Wal-Mart on a site, that not shopping at
  5. I meant that Wal-Mart *could* do such a thing if they wanted to -- they have a lot of money. If I were a new retailer thinking of entering a Wal-Mart dominated area I could not possibly be excited about the prospect of being undercut on price no matter what I did or how long I did it -- and I think this would be a losing proposition I would be stupid to enter. This would be in addition to advantages Wal-Mart would already have with respect to economies of scale regarding suppliers, which I'm not going to pretend to understand the subtleties of, but which I know in fact do exist.
  6. So you don't understand "why" Wal-Mart would want to do that, or you don't understand "why" the eventuality of Wal-Mart being the only game in town might be perceived as a bad thing?
  7. Are you truly that shortsighted, or are you just being obnoxious?
  8. Well I don't see the article I linked to as contradicting anything s3mh says. Wal-Mart is probably capitalized enough to operate all of its Houston stores at a loss sufficient enough to undermine every other retailer in town on every item, indefinitely. I almost feel sorry for H-E-B for thinking they could outbid Wal-Mart.
  9. It probably does, but that hasn't stopped Wal-Mart from doing exactly that. http://www.minneapolisfed.org/publications_papers/pub_display.cfm?id=1382 I'm guessing the ideal for Wal-Mart would be the "Dallas District" where the median person is only 3 miles from a Wal-Mart store.
  10. So everybody who wants to ride has to have a Q Card?
  11. In what sense? I don't doubt they're ranked higher for undergrad in the sense that USC is ranked "better" in USNEWS than, say, UCSD... Lately?
  12. Yes, but I don't think you have to have a specific social attitude to be on board with Houston's particular economic model.
  13. Not really. I think you can have similar value systems result in different economies.
  14. Well had I known you would take it so personally I would have included a disclaimer. All generalizations (and, in fact, all posts of mine in the future) are hereby NOT directed at you, and should never be taken to reference you specifically in any way, shape or form. I may be guilty of generalization (which was my intent, which seemed like it would be obvious but clearly was not), but certainly not "heightened exaggeration." To parlay this into an accusation of "love of hyperbole" goes beyond some kind of cognitive bias and into hyperbole itself. sigh. Implicit in your paragraph are the
  15. Well, I think that for a relatively recent transplant the best thing is to just understand the Houston (and Texas's) economic model from the ground up. Then it might make more sense regarding why people here instinctively take the side of big corporations over all else (including their own well being), and other things will start to make sense, too, such as the lack of emphasis on education and quality of life, etc.
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