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  1. Has anyone used VIP Home Inspections (www.best2inspect.com)? They do phased inspections for new construction, but the website leaves a bit to be desired. I should also ask if phased inspections are even worthwhile, or if a single inspection is OK for new homes? Thanks!
  2. Did you purchase your home prior to the TRCC going into effect? Did you have to create a SIRP to get into arbitration? When you signed, did you try to modify the contract so that you wouldn't have to resort to arbitration as the sole method of resolving the problems? I'm just trying to get a feel for what a home buyer can and can't do... Also, I know that arbitration results are normally not made public. What about how many arbitration requests a company has had/is going through? That might be a good metric to measure home builders on. Fyi, I looked on TRCC's site and there are only 2 hom
  3. Thanks for the article, I hadn't seen that one. I don't think I could stand to live in a Perry home. They look like they were taken from the 'burbs, cut in half, then airlifted into Midtown. I want a little more variety than that (one of the reasons I want out of Friendswood so badly <g>). It's a given that no single builder is going to make perfect homes 100% of the time. What's scary is trying to determine what the defect rate for a particular builder is. Without hard numbers, how are people deciding on a new home builder? If I had the money, I could hire an architect to desi
  4. Do you mind saying what type of poor quality construction Lovett does regularly? Even if you don't say _how_ you know about it, giving descriptions on what could be wrong helps others. Is it something that having a 3rd party inspector coming to the site every once in a while would prevent? I'm planning on moving into town within the next year and have looked at some of the Lovett sites. On the outside, they look great, and knowing what might have happened inside the sheetrock is pretty important (especially for the price they sell at). Besides you and two other posters, I haven't heard ma
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