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  1. Anybody have info on the new restaurants going up along I-10? There are two: 1. On Westgreen just South of I-10. It is just south of the CVS that was built along the corner of I-10 and Westgreen not too long ago. 2. On the north side of I-10. Maybe around Barker Cypess? The construction is pretty far along. It looks like a Mexican restaurant. Thoughts?
  2. Drove by this yesterday. It is definitely a gas station - and the color scheme makes me think it is a Stripes. The building and gas pump canopy are up as are the pumps. It still has a little ways to go yet but is getting there.
  3. Any idea why? I drove by there yesterday and it looks ready to go. It looked like they were training employees!
  4. Lovely. An apartment complex would make sense but will just add more traffic to that area and Westpark tollway.
  5. My bad - SW corner!! I have my directions all messed up.
  6. There is a CVS on that corner - just next to it (West) there a building going up. Maybe some sort of fast food joint? Any insight?
  7. Any insight here? There is a Shell station on that corner. A huge plat of land with frontage on both Mason and the Westpark Tollway feeder has been fenced off and drainage is being installed. Maybe some sort of shopping center?
  8. Just saw this on their Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150279335707968&set=a.138391642967.108976.91927582967&type=1&theater Looks like it will be on the South side of I-10 Just East of Mason Road. Right next to the Dodge dealership. This should give Spring Creek BBQ some competition (and Red River BBQ on South Mason). Exciting Stuff!!
  9. I live in Grand Lakes so I can speak to your question. Yes, the HOA fee is $1,090 / year right now and it does include trash collection. For what it is worth, I think most neighborhood HOA fees include trash collection. Grand Lakes has about 3,000 homes in it priced from around $200K up to $650K. Pros: neighborhood parks, fishing lakes, tons of walking trails, dog parks, multiple pools, planned community events, proximity to West Park Tollway, etc. Cons: Higher HOA does, smaller lot sizes, etc. Cinco is huge. Like 10,000 houses huge and is still growing. If you go to HAR.com and search the Cinco Ranch neighborhood you will come up with house priced over $1 Million and houses around $150,000. It is a beautiful development as well. At the end of the day you can only live in one! I wish I could find the statistic for you but I can't...something about the HOA fee comparison on a per capita basis between Grand Lakes and Cinco Ranch. Grand Lakes comes out ahead in the comparison, I just can't remember the details.
  10. I am just excited that there is a fast food place being built a bit closer to my house so that I don't have to drive 20 minutes to grab lunch on a Saturday afternoon. I originally came across this forum while trying to find out what was being built where. I thought other folks might want to know about the new Wendy’s. So, for the inner-loopers out there that will never, ever, ever, move outside the loop, why are you even looking at the Katy forum? This section (Katy) has been dead lately so anything I can do to pick up the discussion I am going to do! Besides, why are you knocking this guy:
  11. Help me understand why this topic does not belong on this forum but sirens, lubys, homemade signs, and jobs leaving houston do??
  12. Driving down Mason road tonight and noticed that there is a Wendy's going in on South Mason Road just North of Cinco Ranch Blvd. It is Across from the Station Car Wash in the MW Cleaners / Good Will shopping center. It is not a free standing location – it is actually in that center. There are not a lot of fast food restaurants in this area so this will be a nice addition.
  13. I can't tell you how many times I have been tempted to take a chainsaw to the two legs of that pooper scoop sign. I think there are no real rules/laws against this because the area is not in a "city".
  14. Was driving Northbound on Grand PArkway and took the Kingsland exit and right before I got to the light I say a sign that said "Lupe Tortilla" coming Summer 2010. Has anybody heard anything about this? Right now there is just a field there so I am guessing that it would be a standalone restaurant? I checked out their website but didn't see any mention of it...
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