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  1. Leasing agent told me they were over 90% leased now. When I shopped it late 2008 they were offering 2 months free, making it highly competitive with comps.
  2. Every time I see the rendering I think it should be in Dallas.
  3. Just to clarify, my comments were in regard to the Domain in Austin that was pictured above in the thread. I have no knowledge beyond what I have read here and elsewhere on what Randall plans for the Village.
  4. Its an internal street. You can drive on it, but its not really connected to any city grid. Its mostly for look and feel, I think, but if you want to drive on it between the anchors you can.
  5. In the words of REO Speedwagon, I heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another..
  6. The Westcreek owners and Trademark were discussing a joing project for quite some time, which I think is common knowledge now. Maybe its semantics as to what each of us considers preliminary, not trying to pick a fight here. When it became apparent that there were the proverbial too many chefs in the kitchen, the Westcreek owners decided it made more sense to sell (the front half of) their land. You are correct that it was not Trademark who killed it at that point. But, since Trademark was so deeply involved in the project, they were the logical candidate to buy and were given first shot. The sides couldn't come to an agreement so CBRE was hired to market the Westheimer frontage of Westcreek. Trademark actually made a fairly competetive bid at that point but it ultimately was sold to OM.
  7. That Target was updated not too long ago. Discussions were more than I would consider preliminary. The groups were working together on this project for quite a while, but Trademark would never ultimately pull the trigger.
  8. If this building was completed in 2005, the materials were likely purchased a couple years earlier. Costs have gone up considerably since then. And I don't know about the building you lived in, but I toured another building by that developer in Chicago and even though new it was nowhere near as nice as the new apartment construction we are seeing in hirises here (or obviously in nicer condo buildings in Chicago). Whoever estimated $300 psf for Hines tower is probably close.
  9. My underrstanding is that Simmons Vedder is developing this and its not actually Phase 2 of Esplanade.
  10. I love Oak Forest, but its not really a pedestrian-friendly area unless you like long walks. And nothing they built on this little site would change that. Rumour is Starbucks is going in the center, fwiw.
  11. Far less people work at HP headquarters today than did when the merger occurred. That is not even taking into account the large number of people at HP who supposedly work there but telecommute most days. Houston has had strong job growth lately, but I question how much of it is the 249 corridor (although there is a fairly new hospital up there). I would also question the impact on this shopping center due to its lack of visibility from 249. And has been pointed out, there is no lack of retail in that general area. But maybe people will flock there because of the faux-mediterranean-uptown-park-derived-disneyesque retail look.
  12. Word on the street is that they have not made much project in retail leasing beyond Whole Foods. Hanover is slated to build high-rise apartments and they are appearently working to bring in a Ritz Carlton (with condos?), but this project does not appear to be moving forward anywhere near as quickly as might have been expected.
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