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  1. Thank you for the input. My parents live in Silverlake but their HOA doesnt monitor the alarm system, what are are you in? I'm going to take another look at Avalon Terrance tomorrow, got any input on Autumn Lake?
  2. I can certainly see that. Some of the newer churches like the one of 59 north, La Luz something, looks like it was made by the Greeks. It looks nice.
  3. you're right, it was there a few weeks ago, on the very same site plan. I saw it on their website, PDF format. I guess it fell through.
  4. well, the chick-fil-a is in their official site plan.
  5. Well, all those are used to generate money..... but I guess the same can be said about churches.
  6. just curious redscare, but what do you mean by regular?
  7. I visited it this past weekend and it looked like a nice little community. David Weekly is making half of the homes there and look pretty nice, Pioneer is making the others. The homeowners association is 510 a year but it includes monthly alarm monitoring. Any input on that small section of the Pearland area?
  8. This might be out of line, but I dont understand why churches like Lakewood and the new catholic church in downtown spend millions upon millions to build their churches. Seems to me that a simple church with adequate facilities would serve the same purpose as a mega church with expensive architectural designs to it. They sure look pretty though.
  9. all the new development going on in pearland at 288 and 518, is really making me think about that area more. Its relatively close compared to clear lake, kingwood, woodlands, etc. 18 miles from the center of downtown.
  10. Your right about looking out for what I want. The reason I say I used a "younger" realtor was because I'm 28, a couple year ago when I was looking for homes, I was 26. I started looking for homes with a real nice realtor, she was probably in her late 50s. Most of the homes she showed me had older characteristics to them. Which just didn't do it for me. I know this is almost impossible to ask for, but I wanted someone who could read my mind and know what I wanted. Knowing thats impossible, I decided on finding a younger realtor who possibly had the same tastes as I. Given, it might be harder t
  11. Do you know how much they charge? I have a house I might want moved. Its a small rental.
  12. well. my fiance isn't exactly a realtor yet.. Shes taking her courses.. She doesnt have the hang of things yet, so we both decided it was best to find someone who could dedicate their time to us.. Although I must say the realtor we are using is very visually appealing concerning the age discrimination. I look at it as "taste" discrimination. As long as i'm not an employer I can pick who I want and why I want them. Good thing I'm not a boss, I'd be a bad one.
  13. I'm currently on the market to purchase a home or condo. I went out looking with my fiance and found most sellers try to be to aggressive. I dont mind that, but its does get on my nerves when they tell me exactly what it is I need. A couple of years ago I bought my current home with a realtor, its on the outskirts of The heights, an area I wasn't even looking at. But sure am glad I did. When I "hired" or picked my realtor I wanted someone patient to find me a home and willing to spend weekends with us and show us different places. This is how and why I picked my real estate agent and why I cal
  14. The only houses I've seen moved are the ones on blocks. I asked a worker once about the cost associated with that, he said it was a couple thousand.. Sorry that I cant be more helpful.
  15. One thing is for sure, they still blow there horn during the day. I was there this past weekend near heights and washington and those trains sure where blowing as hard as they could. I could barely carry on a conversation with a neighbor in one of those condos. If its a quiet zone it might between night hours. 10pm-7am, just a guess. I haven't researched anything. lol. I felt the same way, but I didnt want to get snappy with anyone since i'm new here.
  16. When I go into har. Most those units have pending on them or is it pending sale PS. Cant remember.
  17. Thanks guys. I'm going to check out that link. My price range is 160k-200k. I could go a little higher but I want to be able to comfortably buy a nice car in the near future and also invest some of my money. The parking is a really bad downside, even a couple would have 2 cars, which would automatically fill your parking area. I like to have friends over to watch movies and hang out, I would hate for them to park by the ditch on a rainy day. From the input you guys gave me, I will probably either look for a real house or find a bigger condo with better parking. I like the smart answers I get
  18. which is why I'm double thinking the area.. I'm leaning more towards pearland, even though my work is in the heights and my fiance works in downtown. 20 mile commute each way isn't bad. My job isn't 8-5. More like 9/10-6/7pm. So I would avoid most of the traffic, not all.
  19. Wow! Thanks for all the replies. I'm interested in finding a company that will build me 1 home on my own lot. Be it a condo style home or a specialty home. My family and I also want to develop this land into urban homes, this would be about 5 years down the road. We are trying to get the most out of the rental homes, then move them out and build. We have connections with several contractors and builders. But we haven't spoken to them concerning this issue. We hope to contribute to the urban development that is going on in the inner loop. Love it or hate it..
  20. I'm not wanting them to move it because of me, but I've read a lot about the city of houston closing down certain tracks and making them into jogging routes or bike trails. All in all, train tracks are an eye sore and lower property values around them. But on the other side, they are necessary.
  21. I own a couple lots that currently have homes on Them. They are on blocks, so it wouldn't be too hard to get a moving company and move it to another lot of mine. But these are the questions: How time consuming is it to track down a good builder, a good architect, and a good construction loan to get everything done. Time isn't an issue, It could take 2 month-1 year for it to get done. I just want to get the best quality and build. The lots i own are in the outer areas of the heights, brookesmith to be exact. My father owns about 7 full lots there, I own 2 lots and my brother owns 2. We are a c
  22. What kind of property taxes are there in CA.. Paying 5k a year seems normal to me now.
  23. perfect answer.. I was thinking almost the same thing. Only that I thought that it actually might sell faster because of the different styling it had. The other condos there, like the ones by HHN are really cookie cutter. Not that these aren't.
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