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  1. Actually, for some college students or college student groups, this could be very appealing. Were a school like TSU to jump in on a development like this and buy up some units, that could get the project moving pretty quickly. On a personal note, I would love to live in a space like this.
  2. Hey you win some (Marriott Marquis, hopefully) and you lose some. Or i guess in Houston's case, you win one or two, and just assume everything else is going to SUCK.
  3. Regarding the PUF, UH may have some leverage after all get its Medical School... in part b/c of UT not playing by the rules. http://texasleftist.com/2015/11/the-university-of-texas-at-houston/
  4. Can someone please explain to me why young voters have just fallen off the map? This is scary... http://texasleftist.com/2015/10/where-are-houstons-young-voters/
  5. Al Jazeera America In Houston, the wheels on the bus go (almost) all through the town
  6. Here's some coverage via my blog... http://texasleftist.com/2015/06/houston-goes-big-for-historic-pride-celebration/
  7. Rick Perry has a bright future ahead of him, but not as President of the United States. He'll be some Fox-News style hack within moments of throwing in the towel (assuming he doesn't serve any jail time). He's doing this to raise his profile and redeem himself from 2012's FAILtastic run.
  8. Freeways vs. highways vs. city streets 1) On rural freeways, we should up most speed limits. Once people are out of the city, let them drive what's comfortable for them, as long as they adhere to passing rules. In my opinion, even rural freeways should be 6 lanes for 21st century America... a slow lane to the far right, a middle lane mostly for passing, and a fast lane to the left (with significant median). 2) On highways, we should lower the speed limits. These are incredibly dangerous roads to try and turn into/ out of because drivers simply aren't paying attention. ESPECIALLY at night. 3) For city streets, we should have a LOWER speed limit, and stop signs/ stop lights on every corner. A road like Westheimer, especially the section in Montrose should be reduced to 2 lanes (one each way) so that people can just completely and totally abandon any notion of being able to drive fast on that road. If you want to get somewhere fast, take the freeway. The way people drive on city streets is simply appalling in Houston. No wonder so my cyclists and pedestrians have gotten killed. And then of course people get all mad when they see someone walking or taking a wheelchair in the street. But were they expected to walk on the sidewalk? In Houston?? What sidewalks?? And if there is one, it's probably broken to crap. But basically my point is this... drivers need to learn which roads are built for them, and which roads are not. If it ain't a freeway, don't drive on it like it is!!
  9. I'm wondering if with a new station does that mean that NBC will be forming a Houston bureau, and bringing more national programming to the area?? Would be great to have a show on CNBC or MSNBC based in Houston.
  10. Dallas and Houston both... why are all of the new designs so boxy?? UGH someone needs to be more dramatic with our shapes!!
  11. It's easy to forget how massive Dallas is when you're not there. I drove DTD on my way back to Houston last week, and was taken aback by all the construction in Victory/Uptown/Downtown/whatever it's called. Dallas has also been more aggressive about building residential towers than Downtown Houston... until recently. Now we've got several going at once, which is a first for Houston. BTW JasonDTX thanks for snapping that EPIC pic!!!
  12. Haha yeah you'd definitely have to pay the bathroom attendant above their normal wage.
  13. It really needs to be some sort of anchor store like Target. That would be a big draw, and grab shoppers from Midtown and Montrose. And DOWNTOWN HOUSTON NEEDS A BUC-EE'S!!! It doesn't even have to sell gas... just have the deli and the knick knacks. Tourists would eat it UP!!!!
  14. It's pretty shocking to see so many cranes at one time in downtown Houston. Must be what it was like to live here in the early eighties. I have a few more pics I took over on the blog article... http://texasleftist.com/2015/01/could-the-houston-construction-boom-go-bust/
  15. Just passed by and dang they mean business. Crazy/ awesome to see MATCH and Mid Main playing construction wars now. Though I feel for Trinity Episcopal church congregants... They suddenly have nowhere to park. It's like living in New York!!
  16. Phoenicia was a game-changer for Downtown in my opinion. But part of the reason that it works so well is because it is a specialty grocer with a large amount of prepared food. They're a wine bar (MKT), grocer, and have lots of healthier fast food options for conventioneers, general visitors and DT workers alike. They have a huge and very diverse base of people to draw from. it's time for a more general grocer in DT as well. Midtown has Randall's, but the area has grown so rapidly that they could definitely support another major store. If put in close proximity to Midtown and the rail line (with the addition of a nice parking garage so people don't have to fight with street traffic), another store would work quite well in DT. HEB or Kroger Signature would be amazing. Would Trader Joe's work downtown? Of course. but I think it may be a better fit for the burgeoning EaDo area. They definitely need more options over there.
  17. I don't understand why they are building this first before the renovation of Hofheinz. That seems like the much more severe need than this.
  18. Hofheinz Pavilion is fenced off, and they are getting ready to close one remaining Faculty parking lot.
  19. The bigger problem in Houston is not that there aren't great architectural ideas, but that we too often settle for the crap once a good idea has been stripped down to a lowest common denominator. In cities that have stricter code, this isn't allowed to happen, but in Houston, you can basically build whatever you want. When companies have the option of cutting corners, the result of "whatever you want" is often going to be fugly.
  20. I hope people show up to vote in November. If you care about the growth of Houston's rail system, VOTE JOHN CULBERSON OUT!!! Sorry to get political here, but it just needs to be said.
  21. I agree that HOV/HOT lanes reduce congestion, especially when they are well-designed like those on the Katy Freeway. But do they work as well as an all-bus lane or all-truck lane would? What Houston is failing at right is refusing to look into the city's future. We're complaining about congestion now, but this area is still growing. What are we going to do when we hit 8 million people? 10 million people?? Those numbers are coming much sooner than people realize, and our 1-or-2 solution strategy cannot handle the present volume, much less deal with those moving here soon. We need rail. We need HOV/HOT lanes. We need expanded bus coverage. We need better freeway. We need it ALL.
  22. St. Paul's UMC is a beautiful church, and right by the Museum of Fine Arts.
  23. I've never understood why UofH doesn't move to get Spur 5 named 'Cougar Freeway'. It just makes sense.
  24. UH students get in free to all UH sporting events. Season Tickets packages for the 2014 football season start at $140. And as for if building "The DEC" was a good thing? As a UH alum I see both sides. Keep in mind that current students are paying fees not only for the new stadium, but also the UC construction, and pretty soon the Hofheinz Pavilion. The average price per 3 hour course is nearly $1500. At my undergrad institution, that was $400 over the price of my ENTIRE semester's tuition, and I only finished undergrad 9 years ago!! On the plus side, the value of a UH degree has increased rapidly over the last few years. Students (especially ones that pick a good major and work hard while in school) are seeing that money paid back in substantial dividends. Plus a strong UH brings strength to Houston. The new stadium is a net positive here.
  25. I'm going to go with Northshore. Parts of the main thoroughfares (Normanday, Woodforest) have no sidewalks at all, and people have to just walk in the grass. It's on the Northeast side, but is kind of like Southwest Houston in that it has a high percentage of residents that live in aparments, many of which don't have cars. The roads are ridiculously busy, and careless drivers are never looking for pedestrians. At least with Montrose, Midtown, and many areas inside the loop, people encounter cyclists and pedestrians enough to at least be ready for the possibility of encountering one. But in Northshore, cars are just likely to mow you down.
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