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  1. HAHA I helped start this article when I first registered with Wikipedia.
  2. haha I've contributed to that entry. I love Wikipedia.
  3. Somebody posted this on SkyscraperCity, and I thought it was a really neat picture. Did anybody here take it? If so, it's awesome!!
  4. lol My friends and I used to re-enact that commercial. It's sooooo stupid and hilarious. I also hate those commercials for Sussan Furniture. They're so cheesy, OMG. And also that one for like Henderson Chevrolet, where at the end this ugly fat guy goes "And you have a great day". Also for those car dealerships in Texas City (I forgot the name) where this old woman with a thick Southern accent is the mother of the three men who own the dealerships. SOOO ANNOYING.
  5. All those stupid college commercials for NIT, ITT Tech, Texas School of Business, etc. They're so annoying! And so are all lawyer commercials; Jim Adler, Adley & Associates... jeez, man.
  6. Whoa, that building is weird! I don't think I've ever seen it before. It looks fake in that first picture.
  7. Hasn't Gables only done mid-rises? I'd rather see something more urban than the other Gables projects I've seen.. unless I'm confusing them for something else.
  8. Yeah, this project reminds me of something that would go up in Dubai. BTW, where did you get that rendering, SpaceCity? Is the website up yet? I'll have to check it out.
  9. I was at the Galleria yesterday, and when I went to the Galleria III I saw a sign on that platform in the middle of the wing that said "Please pardon our dust as we prepare to renovate this area". Does anybody know what that's supposed to mean? Are they gonna renovate the whole Galleria III like they did the rest of the mall?? I really hope so.. that part of the mall is UGLY! lol Even though it is nice and quiet there..
  10. I have a sort of emotional attachment to this building -- my mom used to work on the 69th floor (she now works on the sixth), and I would go to work with her quite often when I was younger. I loved to just sit at the window and look out to the world around us lol. It's a pretty cool building.
  11. I seriously can think of a few people.. but I don't want to mention names or anything. It's so sad that somebody would do this -- I mean, really. I'm not as angry as I am sad.. I know I didn't post too much on the site, but I visited everyday and read everything you guys had to say. You all are so awesome.. y'all have no idea how much I have learned from every single one of you (except non-houston, of course ). When I first signed up with this site, I was so excited that I wasn't the only one who cared about this kind of stuff. I mean, being a 16-year old in high school, I don't get to discuss these topics with my peers. Anyway, thanks to all of you for providing me with so much entertainment and knowledge. Let's get the forum going again!
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