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  1. That's interesting. My husband's side of the family is related to him. He was my FIL's uncle.
  2. I used to live in San Antonio and when I was a junior and senior in HS ('97-'98) I worked at Barnacle Bill's. The reason Bill Miller's is successful is because they PAY good. Even back then, I started at $9.50 an hour. Too bad Barnacle Bill's closed....I loved their gumbo!!
  3. <<Two other Texas counties appeared on the list ahead of Montgomery County: Texas
  4. Yeah....WF Band isn't what it was when I graduated HS in '98. In 97 it started to go downhill. Now they don't even get past Area in Marching Band or Region in Honor Band. Whit flight has definately happend in that area of Spring.
  5. Oh yeah...you are "The Heights" guy....my mistake... If I put "Oklahoma", TX would you have known where that was? You are just a troll..........
  6. Hmm.. Actually if you have paid attention the least bit during the last 2.5 years I've posted on here I live in Tomball ISD in Montgomery County. I'm just next to The Woodlands. I probably treverse Houston and NW Houston more in a week than you do in a month. Plus I go to the University of Houston so yes, I do make my way around the roads. And as to NW Houston, I grew up there and still manage the house as a rental property in Cypress off Huffmeister for my father. Is that "Cypressy" enough for you? FYI - all people who live in or near The Woodlands don't live in a perpetual bubble. You could use that analogy for people anywhere really. Preppy to me is NOT Hollister.....now that's funny. If it is those standards sure have fallen to include $12.99 shirts. Try Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Jos. A Banks, Tommy Bahama, Lacoste.......
  7. When I have been to Katy Mills there were wannabe "gangbangers" everywhere, weird people milling around inside the "mall", trash everywhere, parents not controlling their children, etc. Not exactly what you would expect. There's no "ambience" there either. The food court reminds me of a school cafeteria. It reminded me of a substandard regular mall. Just my opinion on the place.
  8. Katy Mills isn't anything to be desired really. Go look at the patrons.
  9. Is this a double post? WTF is Widespread Panic? People were talking about it at UH today too. I guess listening to all that Beethoven/Mozart/Classical stuff in my car has gotten me nehind the social norm.
  10. Please look at the post you are going to reference and make sure it isn't half a year old!! Tis has happened twice in this thread!
  11. Considering that post was written in June (8 months ago!!), Katy is just suburban sprawl on a flat prairie. Just not my thing I guess.
  12. I have friends who are AA/poorer background and live in Memorial NW. It's all about what you do with what you are given. No one should say anything to you.
  13. With those prices I'd just go to Perry's or TL&C.
  14. Because they are unsanitary and most don't have running water.
  15. Well there is a Sam's next to the Portofino Center. I don't think that ones done so badly.
  16. Well if you look at some of the newer neighborhoods in the LCISD area (Greatwood/Bridlewood Estates), I would say those are nicer than most of the ones I've seen in Sugarland. It probably has to do with larger lot sizes also. Aren't there new areas popping up near George Ranch too?
  17. BB is way expensive but for some reason people don't realize they have boys clothes. The shirts/pants I get are always under $20. I just stocked up since my son is starting an etiquette class next week.
  18. I don't feel safe in Sugarland. It's entryways/exits are way too many for my taste. Now people are moving OUT of Sugarland and going even farther to Richmond/Rosenburg because of hatred for "The city (Houston)" moving in. Freeways = easy ways for the bad people to get in and out That's why I like how The Woodlands was developed with circular passageways (and now many upscale neighborhoods are doing the same). At night (or day sometimes) if you don't know where you are going you will get lost!!
  19. It seems like 2-3 years ago that intersection didn't even NEED a light. There wasn't anything there. I used to run it on the access road to get to Cypress Rosehill (no Fry yet!!) because there weren't any cars.
  20. Wasn't Shenandoah built to be a buffer between TW and Conroe?
  21. Right before my son was born in 08/2000 there was a little boy (2 I think) who wandered down to the creek. I had hiked the area many times with my FIL (it was fun but he has since passed). We live 1/2 mile from Spring Creek. There were so many helicopters flying above our house I called the news channels to see what was going on. I think he was gone for 2-3 days but they found him with his puppy who stayed with him. We actually went out trying to find him and I think the uncle found him by a low lying area of the creek. It really is remote but I've never seen vagrants or drug dealers back there.
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