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  1. I saw a "for rent" sign on the Penguin Arms, 2902 Revere -- the wildest apartment building in Houston, the one that looks like an accordion on its side. Designed by Arthur Moss; built in 1951; so astounding that it appeared as an illustration in the magazine article that gave Googie architecture its name. The weird ruffly curtains were still in the windows, which makes me think that the old lady who owns the place may still live there. Anybody know anything?
  2. Three fonts, free for the asking: https://www.houseind.com/catalog/
  3. The Penguin Arms is at 2902 Revere -- a few blocks east of the West Ave. complex going up on Kirby. It's definitely worth checking out.
  4. I wrote about the building Sunday in the Chron: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ent/ar...ay/6213541.html Unfortunately, the paper didn't run any images. I've got a couple of nice renderings from a booklet about the opening... but I can't figure out how to upload them. Anybody want to help? And I almost forgot: I asked a couple of readers whether I could share their e-mails with Houston Mod. In this one, Richard Brinlee says that LBJ campaigned at the bank: "Just a quick note to tell you that I truly enjoyed the article in today's paper. It brought back many, many fond memories. "Being in m
  5. Here's a web album: http://picasaweb.google.com/lisa.g.gray/Ca...bZ87pr0YQkrX4Q#
  6. My friend Catherine McIntosh, one of the Chron's photo editors, is selling her house. (See her e-mail below.) I haven't seen the house, but I can vouch that she's got great mid-century taste. (Her dad, Harrison McIntosh, has been a big deal in the Southern California pottery scene since the '40s. Has lots of stuff in museums.) I told her that I'd post her note on this board, and have asked her for photos. She's also looking for help figuring out whether it's really a Floyd. Anybody know off-hand? Or know how to find out? ************************ From: Catherine McIntosh [mailto:cath.mcintosh@e
  7. I was depressed to realize that I couldn't afford a three-bedroom house zoned to a high-achieving school. But Meadowcreek Village, a few miles from Glenbrook Valley, has been good to us since we moved in December. Both my kids are in magnet schools. I like what I've seen of Carnegie, a great science magnet not terribly far from Glenbrook. But I'm still looking for a comparable middle school. (Suggestions, anyone?) ***** As for restaurants... Las Hamacas: A Honduran restaurant at the Monroe exit. Plantains for breakfast! (Alison Cook reviewed it for the Chronicle a few months ago.) Dot Coffee S
  8. When I talked with the would-be buyers, they were having trouble with their financing. Sigh.
  9. After the Chron article, I had an e-mail from Rob Griffith, of Trellis Properties -- a company that he says restores older homes. He said he and his life partnerhave signed a contract on the place. And his business partner, Rebecca Perez, is even now getting bids to restore the house "to its former glory." I sent him contact info for Houston Mod. And I can't wait to see the place.
  10. It's hard to back up far enough to shoot the entire facade because you run into the bushes that separate the yard from the street. If you're standing on S. Braeswood, looking at the house, the garage would be on your left. The house is on a corner lot, and the garage faces South Rice.
  11. Okay, so it wasn't the best analogy. My point was that it doesn't make sense to save just one building at a time. Unfortunately, it's a concept that I'll probably need to explain again soon. Anybody got a better way to say it?
  12. lgg

    Eames stamps

    The U.S. Postal Service is honoring the Eameses: http://www.latimes.com/features/home/la-hm...0,3198801.story The stamps look gorgeous. And unlike most things Eames, they're highly affordable.
  13. lgg

    Mod remuddles

    Those original photos make me want to weep.
  14. lgg

    Houston Googie?

    What on earth is that saddle-backed building? And where is it? *** Also: Is the Astrodome Googie on a grand scale? It definitely has the space-age vibe.
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