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  1. A gas station sounds about right- that would make it the fourth gas station on that block. The three tracts make up a large parcel, so I guess a gas station with a fast food joint attached or a stripes style gas station - large convenience store with Laredo tacos.
  2. Both tracts of land are being cleared, I could not find anything on the Houston permitting website, a neighboring tract 3235 telephone road is also vacant. All these tracts are at the corner of telephone and south wayside, a block away from I45, and about a mile or so from the new UH medical school building. This exit on 45 would be the shortest way to get to the medical college from a freeway.
  3. Did I miss it or is there no connector to the brays bayou trail from the new telephone road bridge? Wish there was a connector to to graggs park across the road.
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