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  1. There was a variance request in the 10/28 COH planning commission. This is in the site of the current Houston Area Women Center and adjacent parcels. This is immediately east of the Sovereign. It appears to be 14 floors and the application includes renders\elevations. Hopefully this happens! 1809361130_Pagesfrom2021-22_FinalAgenda.pdf
  2. Variance request for the fence. Maybe they will show a rendering at the planning commission?
  3. Looks like this project has a new name – “Icon M Tower”. NOTICE OF VARIANCE REQUEST ICON M TOWER (REF. # 2021-1916) PURPOSE OF THE VARIANCE REQUEST: Reduced Building Lines. (Reduced 5' building line instead of 10' building line on West Glay Rd) (Reduced 9' building line instead of 25' building line on Montrose Blvd) PROPOSED LAND USE(S) FOR SITE: Highrise August 19th, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. City Hall Annex, Public Level
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