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  1. Love this building! Fits nicely into previously ignored Main Street area streetscape. Simple, elegant design with indention that provides a unique, stylish point of interest
  2. It is ridiculous, Houston should have gotten the 1st one. Although it is nice to see an old piece of equipment, I would prefer to see the rest of what JSC & Space Center Houston has to offer – a good explanation and tour of where the command work happened.
  3. There are a couple of things that should be done to preserve the urban forest: • Plant numerous trees in new developments that don’t naturally have them – a single Bradford Pear type tree is not enough after the initial sale • Plant numerous new trees in established areas – the mature trees won’t last forever and having replacements in place will make the transition seamless A strong tree canopy is a major factor in making a neighborhood more desirable (e.g. South Blvd). Even neighborhoods that are not as grand can jump in value with good trees.
  4. Dome looks great! I ‘d been hoping this building would be restored with the dignity it deserved.
  5. Exactly, both are investments that will define how the city will develop for many years to come. Freeway decisions made decades ago clearly define how our cities now look. Over time rail lines will help determine how & where new development will occur in increasingly congested areas. But we shouldn't expect dramatic results overnight - the investment takes time to pay off.
  6. Doesn't seem to make sense to add commercial service to Ellington since it is essentially right next to Hobby. Would likely result in two mediocre competing airports. On the other hand, Ellington would make a nice base for private commercial traffic that might otherwise go to Hobby. This would free up capacity at Hobby allowing it to become an even stronger commercial airport.
  7. Do they ever play real disco music? Always liked that store - it's 'fabulous' regardless of what music is playing!
  8. Progress on this development has slowed, but not stopped. Hindrances have included the economy, bankruptcies, and a potential political scandal that may just be coming to light (see dallasobserver.com for more info). However over time, this area will likely develop as a logistics center regardless. It is currently undeveloped and has access to railroads and interstates in every direction - including direct access to Houston. The main competitor in the area is Alliance, north of Fort Worth, which has more limited access (e.g. to get to Houston, you must cross the entire DFW area). Obviously, it will never be a '(sea)port' like the Port of Houston, but is well positioned to be a major distribution center that benefits both cities.
  9. The two metros are very similar in size (and characteristics), but I agree that Central Houston has a bigger city feel than Dallas. Urban Houston is generally concentrated, whereas the DFW area is more decentralized and multi-nodal. This is driving development of many strong semi-urban nodes in the Dallas area (Las Colinas, Addison, Legacy, etc.). The result is several, generally nice, higher density neighborhoods, but it does dilute the urbanity of the core central Dallas neighborhoods.
  10. It would be more realistic to compare TMC to Dallas' Medical District and/or Market Center - all are business districts - TMC wins, hands down Uptown Dallas should be compared to Midtown Houston - both urban neighborhoods adjacent to downtown - in this case Dallas probably wins
  11. Very nice looking! I like the bold statement the somewhat subtle notch makes on an otherwise conservative facade. It's similar to what I like about First City Tower.
  12. This is a large tract of land that is no longer on the periphery - nice to see it used for something other than just another subdivision, strip mall, or apartment complex. Not sure what kind of results to expect from the research - hopefully whatever is developed will be capable of standing on its own if the research ends. Also, the site is right next to UT Dallas and would fill a void of any 'urban' center near that campus.
  13. The freeway is being covered for a park. Even with the ramp behind, the site will have access on two sides - one with direct park access. Whether or not it is wise or necessary, the project will be in a prime location.
  14. Viewers across the country will have no idea that these shows are filmed in Dallas rather than Houston. But they will become familiar and learn more about Houston (e.g. references to Briar Forest, Ben Taub, etc.) Overall, good PR for Houston
  15. Exactly - the current system is not designed to take passengers from Plano to DFW, but the line will serve the center city well, along with Las Colinas. Passengers from Plano will at least initially have the option to take the longer route through downtown until the Cotton Belt line is running
  16. Montrose is similar to gay neighborhoods in many cities. They are becoming more upscale and diverse (straight people) while gay people are finding acceptance across the city in many other areas. Good progress overall, but kinda sorry to see the tight-knit community dispersed.
  17. Thanks again for the great pics. I found this place but have not eaten there yet. Once I do, I will provide a review to anyone who is interested.
  18. Back to the topic of a light rail redesign... The red line was a brilliant start (even beyond any Super Bowl benefits). In a short distance it connects Downtown & The Medical Center (huge employment centers), as well as prominent entertainment/tourist districts (Museum District, Rice U, Hermann Park, & Reliant Stadium), plus it helps enhances the redevelopment of Midtown. Once Galleria/Post Oak & the Airports are connected, the lines will be an invaluable backbone serving Houston's highest traffic locations. Any connection into the system can get someone (local or tourist) to & between the most popular locations fairly quickly & easily (and it will take even more of the "confused" drivers off the road) Rather than redesign, I would suggest enhancement of the current line with the options already suggested: more grade separation through subway or elevation. Elevation isn't pretty but certainly an option in some areas. And a subway can certainly be built in Houston - the towers downtown go down several stories, so a train tunnel can work underground as well. Of course the cost only makes sense downtown or in the Medical District, but the option should be considered to increase service & ridership.
  19. Driver's confusion with one way/closed streets is a fact of life in a dense urban neighborhood. Any direct effect from the Metro Rail would have passed after one, maybe two years.
  20. Great pic! . I have always loved the view of downtown from the Museum District/Hermann Park area. The substantial skyline rises dramaticly from the green landscape on the ground - impressive even without including the landmark towers on the west side of downtown. This is a great vantage to understand the true breadth and size of downtown.
  21. I love this pic as well, but did not catch what building it is. Please share...
  22. Thanks for the nice pics! It would be really helpful if someone would provide the actual location (address, intersection, etc.) of these buildings so that those of us unfamiliar (or from out of town) could fully appreciate how the new buildings fit in to the landscape.
  23. That is a great photo, but as a Dallas resident, could someone tell me where it is located? I would love to visit!
  24. Promotional hyperbole or not, these facilities will elevate the Arts potential in Dallas. True success will be based upon how citizens and arts organizations embrace the facilities to present their creations alongside the professional/national companies. The World Class facilities provide a great start, but the community needs to be behind and involved with it all.
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