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    Fan of Houston - as the first real city I lived in and my first home as an adult. Although I currently live in Dallas (am I the enemy?), I want to keep up on everything that is happening in Houston.
  1. Good point - that title opens it upMeanwhile, I think it's nice to see both - one place to see what may be coming (including those pretty renderings mentioned above), and another to see what is in actually process to be completed soon (perhaps already in an existing thread)
  2. As a likely passenger to Houston on this route, I would primarily be happy for quick access to any stop. However, I would prefer, and be more motivated to travel to a more vibrant location than the proposed former mall site at a freeway intersection. Even the easiest connections would not be the same as arriving in a center of action. That said, the end of line connections should not only be designed for business travelers, but also to make Houston easy to acces for leisure travelers who might not otherwise take a chance to visit or know where they could go around town An airport type endpoin
  3. Agreed - pure removal of such a significant route would create major problems and chaos. But a planned redirection of the traffic flows could open up those areas that don't really add any benefit to the pathIf I-45 can be redirected to the east side of downtown, or even on an outer loop, removal of the Pierce elevated would reconnect Midtown with downtown and dramatically strengthen center city development Plus, not mentioned much is how nicely the Buffalo Bayou parks would connect to downtown without the elevated I-45 lanes on the west side of downtown. That amenity is still somewhat cut of
  4. This whole thread does seem to broadly feature proposals with pretty renderings about as much as real projects actively underway Perhaps the 'Dallas development' topic should be split into 'Ideas', some of which may come true, and 'underway' for those projects actually in process
  5. Nice to see, tho correct, it's not actually 'new development' in the traditional sense. Expect one is also already planned or coming soon to Houston (?)
  6. Nice to see a plan & hope it comes to fruition. While the overall parcel is somewhat smaller than what's happening further north, the impact in this part of town will be significant
  7. A supertall would make a striking change to either city's skyline, but there isn't really much need (Houston could probably justify before Dallas) If one does get built, it would likely be considerably driven by ego/image - could happen anywhere, which makes the watch for one interesting! In the meantime, I think I prefer the lower profile infill that is increasing overall density
  8. I was living in the Midwest then, but my dad was visiting friends in Nassau Bay during Alicia - so I watched intently from afar. When I moved to Houston on my own a few years later, Channel 13 ran an anniversary special that I recorded and still have Working downtown, I was amazed at the damage inflicted upon what were brand new towers at that time
  9. Seems like a big missed opportunity not to reach both downtown areas On the Houston end, a northwest station may be appealing to more affluent residents departing from the area, but would be less enticing to those coming from the other direction On the Dallas end, arriving on the least populated southeast side would feel like stopping short - not much there and most destinations would require a fairly significant secondary trip The density of downtown attractions on both ends would serve many without having to go further, and those that do would have more options
  10. This developer does dream big and aim high! Seems pretty unlikely that will happen as described - but if he can achieve even 10% of that, would be a good win for that side of downtown
  11. This is an inappropriate comparison TMC is a major business center with only a few residents or neighborhood amenities. On the other hand, uptown Dallas is a mixed area adjacent to CBD - many residents, retail, and offices. The Dallas equivalent to TMC is the Medical/Market District NW of downtown. In this comparison, Houston is much more advanced with TMC's size & density. On the other hand, the Houston comparison to Uptown Dallas is really Midtown, which hasn't come as far yet. As far as what to learn from here, comparisons can be interesting and informative when truly objective
  12. This poll is a little tricky to answer. The clubs will move away to the next trendy spot (they always do). But they will leave behind a rejuvenated area in a great location, so the area should have a bright future
  13. It would be nice if there was retail in the adjacent apartment building, but that’s not absolutely necessary for this park to anchor a mixed use area. For a park this size and stature, it seems that it would also work to have visible retail nearby with easy pedestrian access. Having the park in place at all will be a huge amenity for this area, and the people who will benefit the most will likely be willing to use any services that are nearby.
  14. The new exterior looks like it will be a sleek & refreshing update, however the original look was not really all that bad, similar to surrounding neighbors (also not bad). I assume there must have been some functional need (beyond aesthetics) for the complete recladding, especially for a government building (e.g. structural deficiencies, stronger security, environmental efficiencies) Has that been explained?
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