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  1. I was very active in the 70s club business and I never heard of it in Houston.
  2. I remember Elans. I think we use to play backgammon in their.
  3. We moved from Houston to San Antonio in 83. But I vaguely remember After Dark, the one you were talking about. Did you go to any other discos and did you dance. Houston had a bump contest and I came in second. I can brag about the past, for now I am 73. I moved from Atlanta to Houston in 71.
  4. After dark opened, I think around late 70s early 80s. I went a few times, but was much more active in the early and mid 70s. I was part owner of Crazy Banana with Pete Billac.
  5. No, I was very much into disco in the early to mid 70s. I love going back too. Orchard club, Crazy Banana. Jet Set club. Bonaparte's Retreat etc.
  6. I lived at WestPoint Apartments. Danced at the Barbary Coast and Bonaparte's retreat. A guy and I streaked the Barbary Coast.
  7. I did not go to c&w. I was strictly into disco. I owned part of The Crazy Banana, with pete Billac.
  8. I worked at Jet Set for about 1 year. I had one of the best times of my life. There were John and ken who use to have wild parties after the club closed
  9. No, it was the Barberry Coast. I danced and worked at least at 10 Discos. Owned part of Crazy Banana.
  10. I lived their, danced their and streaked the Barbary Coast. I went to a lot of discos in the 70s
  11. I remember Randy. He worked at the fueling Station also. I worked quite a few bars. From Jet Set to Barberry Coast and a lot in between.
  12. Their was Jet Set club for the swinging couple. I worked for Benard Wishnow. Barberry Coast I worked at and danced. Napoleon Square. Disco. Bonapartes Retreat disco. I could tell you a lot more. Edit: September 14, 1978
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