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  1. Forgot to upload these pics from a couple weeks ago. They are widening the sidewalks off of 11th and TC jester, west of the buffalo bayou trails
  2. New pavement has been laid down for a couple days now, but there are still a decent amount of ADA ramps to install for the sidewalks and none of the safety features (pedestrian islands or bike lanes) have been added yet
  3. they are open now, grand opening is the 26th, they're card only until the grand opening. Got the hot daddy, pretty average/underwhelming tbh '
  4. . if it was so easy don't you think texas central would have considered that? there is significant amounts of planning that goes into these routes, its not just people randomly deciding to bother rural land owners
  5. Paint looks done and railing are up closer to the MKT side, on the side of white oak bayou they aren't installed yet
  6. love it! Washington has potential to be a very lively and beautiful street
  7. no, from my understanding there will be no additional traffic lights, only pedestrian islands (I imagine similar to what they have on Studewood)
  8. drove past today, city of Houston construction sign is up and there were some construction workers talking on the empty lot by Nicholson
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