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  1. Apartments, yes. But the commercial/green parts of the space that was proposed are no where to be seen. A giant block of apartments was not the initial proposal. I get that plans change but the the area needs commercial as well.
  2. I moved into Near Northside a few years ago. I could feel the growth and potential, loved the area. A few commercial places popped up soon after I moved in. Things seemed good. But since, the Hardy Yards project is all but failed and 2020 seems to have sapped the momentum the neighborhood had going. Other than Elysian Viaduct giving us insanely great access to downtown, the neighborhood feels stagnant. We’re boxed in by 5th Ward’s cancer cluster to the east. And the Heights seems like the find a way to push less desirable projects to our side of i45. What y’alls opinion on the outlook of the neighborhood?
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