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  1. Whole Foods was started in Austin...it chaps the Californians to no end!
  2. It's all about the heat and humidity...just like all the skywalks in Minneapolis are all about the snow and freezing temperatures. When I worked downtown in the 70's the tunnels were a great way to move between the buildings and avoid the heat.
  3. Interesting that there was a Texaco station right there, down town.....
  4. ....and you could usually find something worth watching....today with 200+ channels you can't find anything worth watching!
  5. I'm sure it's been mentioned in this thread before, but Weldon's was a great cafeteria.....
  6. I think you miss the point. Local and family owned for me means just that, in a local community, family owned and run, with typically one location.. Operating philosophy is a part of it, but I contend that a local family owned and run business is more likely to focus on personal customer service than a multi-location, corporate entity....of course exceptions prove the rule. Family control of Wal-Mart, or BMW, or Mars candy, etc. is besides the point.
  7. Being local and family owned was a big part of it......
  8. There is at least one Der Wienerschnitzel still in Dallas......
  9. That's it...it's not the Prudential building as I earlier posted. The Prudential Building is just to the left of the top of the dome. It's so faint I missed it when I first looked at the picture.
  10. It was Sam Houston Airport...checkout the following website, "Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields". http://www.members.tripod.com/airfields_freeman/TX/Airfields_TX_HoustonS.htm
  11. My wife went to Montrose School and remembers it well. She first attended Kindergarten there in 1951 and her teacher was Mrs. Hudson. She then went to Holy Rosary School for 4 years and returned to Montrose School for 5th and 6th grade. Her teachers were Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Ott. She remembers Mrs. Chandler as her favorite and best teacher of all time. She remembers the May Fete, as well as an annual Halloween Parade. The school would also invite children that went to Holy Rosary to march in the parade. My wife lived on Stanford, a half block from the school. The school was built in 1916, somewhere she has a picture of the school from circa 1917 with her mother standing in front of it. If we find it I'll post it,.
  12. .......you learn to appreciated attic fans and all your windows open at night!
  13. The trees certainly reminds one of Herman Park......
  14. I remember it well. I was at the University of St. Thomas from 1964 to 1968 and then my wife and lived on West Main from 1971 to 1973.
  15. I remember the "old days" when you went to Weingarten's to pay all your utility bills, as well as buy your annual license plates (they were replaced each year) and cash checks.
  16. If any exist in the area they would most likely be in Galveston......
  17. Nothing quite like going there as a kid and buying fake vomit......
  18. That's correct....Albertson's just acquired United Supermarkets in the past 12 months.
  19. Albertson's also owns an excellent chain of grocery stores, Market Street, that is here in the Dallas area.
  20. As a teenager living in Thailand in the early 60's I visited a WWII cemetery near the bridge over the River Kwai and I'm sure I saw the crosses of sailors from the USS Houston without knowing it. My most vivid memory from the cemetery was seeing many graves of soldiers that were only 19 and 20 years old...so close to my age of 16!
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