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I live in Clear Lake and I love it, but here’s where I’d live if money were no object.

First of all, I think West U is one of the most desirable places in Houston. Why? It’s centrally located and very close to the Medical Center. It’s also got one of the things that I think is the most desirable feature for living in “Houston.” That’s the fact that you’re not really in “Houston.” You’re right in the middle of Houston, but you’re in a city within the city. I don’t know what the current response times are for HPD but I know they are no where near what West U PD has.

The other desirable areas follow this model. Bellaire is it’s own city. Same for a number of the Memorial communities. The problem with the “city in a city” model is that schools don’t follow this model and instead rely on the ISD model.

If you have kids and are particular about what schools they are attending, then most of the time, the best public schools are in the suburbs. There are a number of great school districts around Houston.

I could probably give you more advice if you’d said something more about your current situation. Are you young? If I were under 35, I’d look strongly at Midtown or the Heights. For me, hands down, if I were younger I’d live in Midtown.

Anyway, just come to Houston. We’re a friendly bunch and very diverse.

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