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  1. I would love to see this corner become an actively-engaging public hub for our Montrose community! The best and safest parks include design elements that elicit many uses by many people throughout the day, afternoon, and evening. For a great local example on a similar small-ish scale, consider Bagby Park on Gray at Bagby. What elements would you enjoy? What will make it a great community gathering spot? What will feel open and invitating to our community members, including oldest and youngest? How can we activate it? - cafe or snack/drink kiosk - public bathrooms - variety o
  2. It strikes me as callow to conclude that because TxDOT is now advancing their original alignment, that "the environmentalists" were not ineffective but actively careless. Your lack of awareness of their efforts, and their failure to change the outcome, do not mean there were no efforts. I know that members of the Houston Regional Group of the Sierra Club (HSC) opposed TxDOT's proposed extension of US-90 through Herman Brown Park. The Sierra Club participated in the federally-required scoping and alternatives analysis processes, and their position against this project is clear. Here's an excerp
  3. I was at the meeting back in March 2006 when HPU neighbors first sat down with the Welch developer, David Karimi, to try to understand his issues. Karimi claimed that the property he bought couldn't be deed restricted because the seller told him it wasn't. We reminded Mr. Karimi that his title search should have revealed the deed restrictions on the property, but he claimed he paid cash for the property and had no title search. He clearly expected HPU to accommodate his plans and make up for his lack of due diligence. My thought was "caveat emptor, baby... buyer beware." The City has since rul
  4. After the so-called town hall meeting at Rice on Wed Apr 12, Congressman Culberson committed to give METRO "more time" before weighing in with "his decision." However, we cannot assume Culberson will allow METRO to complete the conceptual engineering study for the Universities line unless public pressure makes him. Sending your written support now is critical. For any of you sending letters in support -- either for studying all the options or in support of a particular alignment -- I have three suggestions: Do NOT use the Congressman's webform. Send email directly to Nick Swyka, his District D
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