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  1. Very few people live downtown. And most people aren't at the office at night.
  2. Wow it's amazing how much this building improves our skyline, at least from this angle. It adds serious depth. Houston is starting to feel less like an island of super talls surrounded by a suburban abyss and more like an actual city.
  3. The new Hyatt in Austin is easily the thinnest highrise in Texas. I dont even think I could lay down sideways in that thing.
  4. I've always wondered why you never see wrap apartments higher than 15ish floors. Would it just be too many units? Or it there a structural problem I'm not seeing.
  5. if this is the beginning of a neo-classical skyscraper renaissance, I'm here for it.
  6. name a single master plan that's ever been followed perfectly
  7. Vanity is the problem. I think the owner blew all his money on that winged statue. He is also a little delusional and once described this building as "timeless." Like anything with five floors of parking is instantly disqualified from that category, let alone five floors of parking covered by mesh strainers.
  8. Relative to what, Manhattan? Ok then. Houston has the greatest population density in Texas. Austin has more people living downtown than Dallas or Houston, but outside of downtown, Austin's population density plummets to endless rows of single-family homes. Developers there have to fight tooth and nail just to build the kind of townhomes that we're so quick to take for granted.
  9. So fast! i think the fastest construction occurs on university campuses because they have to take advantage of breaks where students are away from school. If only there was a way to apply the same pressure to the rest of developers.
  10. I lived in Houston for four years without a car. There were days in the summer I walked to work and when I arrived I looked like I had jumped in a pool. Would I have preferred to drive? Absolutely not. Walking is a lifestyle choice--the ability to interact with your surroundings and other human beings in a way that feeds your soul. I believe most people would walk most places if truly given the chance. Houston will get better over time, it's going to take time.
  11. I don't understand how midtown isn't crawling with highrises and young professionals. It's right on the metro and in the geographic center of everything important. It seemed like four of five years ago the sky was the limit, but now it seems like developers won't touch midtown with a ten foot poll.
  12. Wow they really knocked it out of the ballpark with this. The facade is really pretty and the amount of common space is astounding considering that the current building has 0 common areas. This will be a badly-needed upgrade for hanszen, which is typically considered the college with the least amount of identity. After this gets built, Hanzsen and sid will have the nicest facilities. Lovett is officially at the bottom of the pile.
  13. I won't miss new hanszen. It's just another fugly post-war building to bite the dust. It's amazing to me how we're tearing down building from 1957, but not 1916. The post-war era truly was a dark age for architecture. New, new hanszen isn't a gorgeous building but it's definitely easier to look at. The sallyport is a cool feature but I can't tell where it goes. It shows up in one of the renderings but not the 3d model. Someone please call me when they decide to tear down fondren.
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