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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all! Just wanted to share the work they did on this short week. Most of the steel was delivered Monday, and they erected this over Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm guessing more steel for the eastern half of the building will arrive soon.
  2. Came home today and the crane is here! They also sent out a PDF of their operations for next week as steel starts to be delivered. 75047819_HETrafficControlforSteelDeliveries(Public).pdf
  3. They are cool. They look even more like an illusion from the second floor like @tigereye posted in his twitter pics.
  4. I didn't take many pictures, but it was a great space that should just get better over time. Slim Thug was there checking it out too!
  5. Oh man, the grand opening is gonna be packed. Looks like a fun event, I may just make it out. Doesn't look like it currently.
  6. Could be. Since the picture was taken, they rotated it 90 deg. I'll keep an eye on it.
  7. Some progress being made when it isn't dumping buckets of rain on them. A bunch of the footings are done so hopefully it starts looking like a proper building soon. Also over the last few days they've been working on what appears to be some type of sign. Kind of a weird shape to me.
  8. It's their version of .heif, but they had to give it their own name because, Apple
  9. Normally I see a larger helicopter there. But I believe this is the oil and gas company that Gordy owns. He has the Gordy and Sons outfitters and I thought he was one who owns all the land for the Buffalo Heights District where HEB is.
  10. Hopefully impacts are minimal. The Yale underpass saves me often from the damn trains.
  11. True, but "this building sucks cuz its blocking the view of the other buildings" is one of the more ridiculous things on that sub.
  12. There are two reddit posts from this bridge, and the amount of hate this building is getting is remarkable.
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