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  1. They have a facebook post from 2 weeks ago but I don't know how to share it, so I just grabbed the pic they posted. The past few days I have seen people in business attire inside and on Tuesday they had a photographer taking pictures. You can see inside and it looks like its about ready to be up and running.
  2. I know the designs that came back in the competition all had park improvements, but I would really love to see them come to life. I know it's a bowl and it's always gonna hold water, but when it rains now it turns two portions of the paths to mud. just some better drainage and grading would help there.
  3. Construction fence is down. I wonder how close they are to finishing it. Hopefully they host an open house for the public.
  4. Yeah, the cladding (or whatever) had to change suppliers. It either had to move to being made in Australia or it went from Australia to somewhere else.
  5. Looks like the address is 3683 Willia. The numbers are in a normal spot now. A week or two ago they were up in the corner on the second floor.
  6. Need one there and on Washington that meet up with the Green and Purple line
  7. And its only half of phase 1. This area is gonna be crazy cool if they can keep the momentum.
  8. I was thinking about this project during white linen night. I was trying to imagine it being there, and then I was overcome by the thought of all the nextdoor and r/houston posts about this ruining the heights and 19th. I love it and want to see more of this but my god are the NIMBYs gonna be out.
  9. @hindesky got the back and top, so here's a shot out front. Gates for the garage and lot. And some landscaping including fun rock berm thingies
  10. It's behind Star pizza and the cars wash right? Skybridge is over Harvard?
  11. Laying bricks today which raises a question. Why do we not have a more efficient way to lay bricks than 1 by 1?
  12. Front side is moving along. They've done a bunch of concrete work on the driveway and parking lot. Hopefully they'll be required to fix the lot for spots park as there equipment has really made a crater there.
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