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  1. I am always thinking about how hard is to work in construction. A lot of people underestimate this profession but they need to understand that it is hard and dangerous to work in this domain. Five years ago I started to build my house and from time to time I was helping the guys that work for me with several things. I always tried to get them good food. I always wanted to create for them a great atmosphere for work. All I had to do by myself was to install a lamp/ I hired a scaffold tower and I was shocked at how high it was. I don't understand how they build such high buildings. ________
  2. The Crystal Ballroom is excellent for a wedding. It is probably considered one of the best banquet halls, in my opinion. I just work for a wedding planning agency in Houston, and that's why I can set this place apart. Of course, you can look at other places on the Internet, and I see people here also tell you. But I, as a person who has been to many banquet halls, can say for sure that if you organize your wedding there, you will remember it for the rest of your life. And the guests will remember this event for a very, very long time. So the main thing is to solve all the organizational issues
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